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Get current and stay current

There has been a big drive towards digital transformation over the last two years. This is nothing new, as it’s been years in the making, but there...


Advantages of cloud ERP

ERP systems have evolved quite a bit over the years. There is no longer a question around whether an ERP system would be beneficial or even necessary...


The 4th era of ERP

According to Gartner, ERP systems have entered into its 4th era of development, defined by superior data-centric, AI-driven, agile and...


The benefits of cloud computing

Cloud computing is fast becoming the technology of choice for many businesses, of every shape and size, and across every sector. Replacing the...


Cloud computing: 5 reasons to switch now

Operations-centric businesses generally aren’t technology ‘early adopters’. Manufacturers and field service businesses alike prefer to take a...


Modern ERP Enhances Supply Chain

Mark Steggall, Head of Product Management at Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), explains how using a modern computer system can keep your suppliers...


SaaS: What it is and why you need it

It's fair to say that 2020 has created some unusual trading conditions for businesses. However, companies using SaaS have weathered the storm better...


ERP vs. SCM vs. CRM

Wondering about the different types of software out there, or how ERP, SCM, or CRM software can elevate your business? Here is a closer look at three...


Benefits of Real-Time ERP Data

Running a successful business requires many different processes. You must manage inventory, take part in bookkeeping, ensure customers and employees...


What Is ERP Implementation?

What are the benefits to having ERP software successfully integrated into your daily operations?


The Simplicity of Reporting Dashboards

K8 offers a suite of standard KPI’s and dashboards tailored to meet the needs of senior management and operations. These KPI’s are available to...

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