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Stock Efficiently

Stock Efficiently with Our Inventory Management Software

Stocking just in time, reducing handling costs and transporting economically are all important ways to protect margins throughout the construction-related materials industries. Your inventory is paramount, whether you are a wholesaler offering choice through a huge catalog and massive warehouses, a supplier providing specialized products to a branch network or a retailer focused on high-turnover outlets. You don't want to have to make a customer wait so you can call your supplier to find out whether the item in question is in stock—you might lose them in the meantime.

Keep your inventory data at your fingertips at all times with our ERP software. Schedule your demo today or keep reading to learn more.

How Our ERP Software Helps You with Stock Control

Our systems deliver information that's key to efficient stock holding, movement and replenishment. This real-time data can help you reduce working capital, minimize waste and improve margins across your business. If you can see all the stock you are holding now and implement the forecasting solutions you will need accurately, you can serve customers with confidence. If you know where all your product is located, what's coming in and what's going out, you can source across warehouses without having to back-order or lose business.

Our stock control software helps your business achieve tight margins by:

  • Controlling and managing your stock at central, regional and branch levels
  • Providing a complete picture so you can make informed decisions
  • Enabling stock rationalization so you can reduce overall costs and boost profit margins
  • Capturing and auditing essential management information
  • Increasing availability for greater customer satisfaction
  • Achieving successful delivery management to your branch as well as your customer

Make Inventory Management Easy & Serve Customers Better with Our Software

All of the modules within our systems have been developed for the construction-related materials industries and support you in the key tasks of sourcing, stocking, selling and servicing. Whether you have one warehouse serving a single branch or a network of warehouses connecting branches across the country, our cloud-based ERP software can help your business run more effectively and more efficiently.

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