Source Effectively

Source Effectively

Sourcing the right product at the right cost is key to achieving margins, sales, and service along the whole supply chain management system. Whether you are buying directly from North American or overseas manufacturers, procuring from multiple specialized sources, or purchasing stock from distributors, business performance depends on product quality, price differentiation, and availability.

Our systems capture, manage, analyze and deliver the knowledge you need to forecast, order, and manage costs, reduce stock and maximize rebates. Through accessible, real-time communications, it puts total control in your hands. Armed with certainty on purchasing history, current position, and future requirements, wholesalers and distributors can build strong relationships with suppliers, on terms that profit all parties. Suppliers can predict and meet demand by the season, the day, the hour. Retailers can flex their sources to locate or create the precise products their customers need.

All of the modules within our systems have been developed for the distributive trade and support you in the key tasks of sourcing, stocking, selling and servicing.


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