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Supply Chain Logistics

Supply Chain Management Software that Helps Your Business

Improve Supply Chain Efficiency with Our Fully Integrated Solution

The supply chain management process has always been the cornerstone of any construction-related materials organization, and yours is no different. In today's market, it is vitally important for this process to improve your efficiency and reduce costs across your business, and the right IT platform makes this possible.

Our supply chain management software solution is specially designed to help your business operate to its maximum potential by streamlining the management of your supply chain from warehouse to delivery.

Keep reading to learn about each feature of our supply chain management software, or contact us today to schedule your free demo.

What Is Supply Chain Management Software?

The definition of supply chain management (SCM) is vast, including all processes involved in transforming raw materials into finished products. Trying to make these processes efficient on your own can be difficult, so the goal of SCM software is to help you streamline everything from production to delivery. There are different types of supply chain management software, but ours is fully integrated into our comprehensive ERP system, helping you manage every aspect of your business in one place.

Whether you are a small, one-site business or a multi-national organization with a number of branches, our software for SCM benefits any company and is fully scalable to your needs. You can have all the information that you require at the click of a button.

Our software allows you to:

  • Purchase from your suppliers
  • Produce electronic orders between your branches
  • Control movement to and from your distribution center
  • Achieve successful delivery management to your branch as well as your customer

Delivery Management & ePOD Software

With our delivery management system, your drivers can get all of the information they need to ensure drop completion while your back-office managers get a complete end-to-end picture of individual shifts. All this is done in real time, which reduces the chance of errors in your reporting. Our electronic proof of delivery solution enables you to deliver a service that is fast and traceable while optimizing your workforce and reducing costs.

Learn more about our delivery management software »

Warehouse Management Software

Operating a busy warehouse, you know that relying on paper flows and manual data entry can compromise both productivity and stock accuracy. Our warehouse management software (WMS) is designed to automate all of the tasks performed within your warehouse. From the point-of-sale receipt to ultimate delivery to your customers, it provides a level of automation that ensures you can maximize your warehouse efficiency without compromising accuracy.

Learn more about our warehouse management software »

Digital Signature Capture Software

Are you using paper to capture your customers’ signatures? Doing this can cause problems because there is a risk that the document might be misplaced. With our digital capture software, your customers can confirm the transaction on a digital signature capture pad that is connected to our ERP system. This saves you time and money and improves the accuracy of your records.

Learn more about our digital signature capture software »

Inventory Management Software

Our stock control software gives you full control of your inventory. It allows you to track stock movements, transfers, and availability in an instant and take any corrective action when required. The vital data about your stock levels is easily accessed, interpreted, and utilized, allowing your organization to gain tight margin control and have full visibility.

Learn more about our inventory management and stock control software »

Why Choose Kerridge Commercial Systems for Your Supply Chain Management Software Needs?

With over four decades of experience, we possess an unrivaled knowledge of your business sector, and we know what you need in a software to succeed. At KCS, we don’t believe in adapting a generic software to fit your needs: We believe you should have access to something that is already tailored to your industry. We’ll work closely with you to listen and understand your business with the goal of helping you maximize opportunities and overcome your business challenges.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our supply chain management software and how it can make a difference in your business!

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