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Rebates and Pricing

Maximize Profits with Rebate Management Software

Managing rebates accurately is a crucial function for many companies as they can often represent the difference between profit and loss. Typically a crucial element of trading terms with your suppliers, rebates range from the traditional rebate based upon purchases over a defined period to the “spot” rebate, in which a supplier will offer price support for a specific bid or project.

Whichever type applies to your business, our supplier rebate software can effectively and accurately manage the rebate process to ensure the correct amount is claimed from your suppliers.

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How a Rebate Management System Can Help Your Business

It’s quite simple: If you can more accurately see how much your suppliers owe you, you can collect it quicker! Scale that to multiple agreements with multiple vendors and you end up with a massive headache trying to keep track of everything you’re owed. You probably have better ways to spend your time than pulling every purchase order transaction out of your system to check for qualifying purchases. With rebate management software, rebates and their associated amounts are tracked automatically.

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Our Rebates & Pricing System: Benefits at a Glance

The rebate management system from Kerridge Commercial Systems works silently in the background recording what payments are due as you conduct your day-to-day business. With our software, you can:

  • Maintain automatic and accurate calculations of all rebate claims
  • Track both purchase-based and spot rebates
  • Manage who has visibility of rebate schedules
  • Minimize disputes with suppliers over claims

Plus, our rebate management system is fully integrated into our ERP system, where you can also manage sales order processing, accounting, inventory, CRM, eCommerce, business intelligence, and more.

Want to Learn More About Our Rebate Software?

Our software is already widely used by merchants and wholesalers around the world. See how Kerridge Commercial Systems has helped countless businesses grow and evolve by reading our customer success stories, or contact us today to schedule your free demo.

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