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Use Our Quotation Software for Fast & Accurate Quotes

Efficient and well-presented quotes are key to competitive selling and service when your customers are shopping around for the best deal. Our experts have brought their knowledge and experience of the sector to create quoting software designed by our specialists for your business.

Timing is key when you are processing a quote for your customer. Our quotation software has been designed to make this more efficient for you in addition to making your customers happy as they receive a faster response to their inquiry.

Produce faster quotes and close more business with quotation software from Kerridge Commercial Systems. Set up your free demo today!

Benefits of Using Quoting Software

Wondering if quoting software is actually worth it? If you normally create your quotes in a word processor or spreadsheet, think of how much time it takes you to produce each one. What if you could have a template created that was completely integrated with all your product, pricing, and customer information? Our quoting software:

  • Saves time by producing your quotes more efficiently
  • Improves your service through faster response to inquiries
  • Differentiates your offer through personalized presentation
  • Quickly converts successful quotes to orders
  • Reduces inconsistencies in pricing among team members or salespeople
  • Improves your sales performance through lost quote analysis

Want to produce accurate quotes quickly for your customers? Contact us today.

Why Choose KCS for Quotation Software?

Quotation software from Kerridge Commercial Systems completely integrates with other modules that help you process sales orders, manage inventory, and forecast your business’s performance. Not only will our software help you provide quotes faster and keep better, more accurate records, but it can also be combined with our CRM, warehouse management, and eCommerce modules to manage every aspect of your business. Plus, training on the new software is a breeze, so your employees will be experts in no time.

Kerridge Commercial Systems has been helping distribution, wholesale, and building materials businesses work faster and more effectively for more than four decades. Like all of our software solutions, our quoting software can be customized to fit your company’s needs and can house all your product, customer, and financial information in one place.

Want to see our quoting software in action? Use the button below to schedule your demo today!

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