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Control Your Inventory Levels with Our Purchase Order Software

Controlled inventory levels lie at the heart of any healthy business, so you can optimize cash and margins while fulfilling customer orders and expectations. Our Purchase Order Software is designed to make a real difference to your stocking and inventory processes, no matter what goods you trade or the types of customers you serve.

Keep reading to learn more about our purchase order software, or contact us today to set up your demo.

About Our Purchase Order Management Software

We know that running out of stock of a product is a disaster for you. That’s why our purchase order software has been designed to manage orders so you can maintain optimum stock levels without overstocking, which could affect your margins.

Applying all the key supplier and contract data, from minimum order or load quantities to shipping and cargo details for imports, our software frees your staff from the volume and complexity of traditional purchasing processes. At the same time, it ensures complete control and visibility, from the broadest picture to the finest detail.

Benefits of Our Simple Purchase Order Software

Why choose purchase order software from Kerridge Commercial Systems? Our solution:

  • Maintains supply to meet demand at all times
  • Manages your orders to maintain optimum stock levels
  • Increases your forecasting accuracy and reliability
  • Supports your margins by minimizing overstocking
  • Gives you complete purchasing control and visibility

Purchase Order Software FAQs

What is a purchase order management system?

A purchase order management system provides key insights about your business’s inventory needs, allowing you to make smarter decisions about your purchase orders. With purchase order software, you can optimize your stocking and inventory processes and establish best practices for your purchase orders to avoid running out of stock, overstocking, and negatively impacting your profit margins. Using key supplier and contract data, you can easily access important information about your inventory needs to make better business decisions.

What is a purchase order procedure?

A purchase order procedure typically includes creating the purchase order, sending it for approval, printing and releasing to warehousing, receiving, paying, and processing. Purchase order software provides businesses with easy-to-follow templates for more streamlined creation, dissemination, and processing. When your inventory is running low, simply pull up a ready-made template and send off for quicker approval and processing. Streamline your purchase order procedures with software that allows you to see all facets of your business’s inventory operations.

Purchase Order Software for Distributors, Wholesalers & Manufacturers

Our purchase order management software is great for all businesses, but we often work with B2B companies in the following industries:

If you want to find out more information about our purchase order system, please contact us today.

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