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You need a modern website, with a fully integrated platform for web trading – look no further!

Our website builder software provides you with a sophisticated website that is fully integrated with your ERP system. With one single website that is built using Responsive Design principles, your customer can access your site on whatever device they use, be that a Smartphone, Tablet or PC and order products at the time of day that best suits them.

Our website builder software provides all the standard features that you will have come to expect from a modern website, such as About Us, FAQ’s, News, Blogs, etc. This, together with the sophisticated and pre-integrated trading functionality, can be quickly deployed to build a website that your customers can use for buying, account inquiries and payments, copies of documents such as POD’s and invoices and to view the status of their orders as they progress.

Products are automatically promoted from our ERP software solution to the site. Sales orders are submitted from our website builder software directly to our ERP solution, where they are then processed – you see the orders immediately! Customer pricing terms, as you maintain them, are immediately visible as is stock availability – there is no need to maintain this data on your site, it is retrieved dynamically from our ERP software.

Website Builder Software is the perfect solution for your business

  • Enables you to provide instant views of customer pricing and availability

  • Provides sophisticated search, with clear content

  • Allows customers to view and buy products instantly

  • Gives an up-to-the-minute view of customer account

  • Provides immediate visibility of order status

  • Enables customers to retrieve copy invoices, POD’s, etc

Get this new, exciting trading channel for your business. Contact us today.

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FUSION19 Customer Conference Video

Customer Conference 2019 Video

FUSION19 was full of networking, learning opportunities and fun with our North America customers.