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Delivery Signature Capture

Easy Retrieval Using Digital Signature Capture Software

Are you using paper to capture your customer's signatures? Doing this can cause problems because there is a risk that the document might be misplaced. With our digital capture software, your customers can confirm the transaction on a digital signature capture pad which is connected to our software. This saves you time and money and ultimately means that your customers are happy.

Advice notes and signatures are archived electronically, eliminating the need to file paper copies, saving you time and space. Proof of collection is immediately available from the archived copy, which can be printed, faxed, or emailed directly to the customer—the choice is yours!

Get your free demo today to experience our digital signature capture software firsthand.

Digital Signature Capture Software: Benefits at a Glance

Business executives know how difficult it can be to coordinate with others to obtain physical signatures. Not only do time constraints from both parties prolong time-sensitive agreements, but physical documents have an increased likelihood of getting lost among piles of unrelated paperwork. With electronic signature apps, you can request the signatures you need immediately, offering your clients, employees, and business partners ultimate convenience.

Signature capture devices like those offered by Kerridge Commercial Systems have a multitude of benefits for businesses, including the following:

  • Provides you with a more effective proof of goods collected
  • Print advice notes as single-sheet electronic forms on laser printer
  • Replace the need for multi-part stationery and dot matrix printers
  • Eliminates advice/collection note scanning
  • Immediately archives advice notes with proof of signature
  • Faster inquiry resolution compared with retrieving hard copy documents
  • Documents can be printed, faxed, or emailed to your customers for verification
  • Saves you time, money, and space and can help speed up payment

Giving your customers the option to have their signatures captured online through digital signature software is quick, convenient, and saves valuable office space from unnecessary filing. The digital footprint your electronically signed documents leave makes it easier for you to locate them when you need them most. Electronic signature apps make on-the-go signature capture easy and convenient: Simply pull up the document on your mobile device and allow your customers to sign through the app.

Easily access your advice notes, contractual agreements, payment verifications, and much more when you add digital signature capture capabilities to your business operations. Contact the KCS team to schedule your free demo today.

KCS Makes Business Easier with Digital Signature Capture

Make things easier for you and your customers. Allow them to easily sign documents online through electronic signature apps, digitally file your client signatures for easy access, and eliminate wait times for physical documents.

Find out what signature capture devices can do to enhance your business operations by contacting us today for your free demo.

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