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Get more from your sales data with Vecta

By combining the core elements of Sales Analytics & Customer Relationship Management, Vecta's personalized informative dashboards deliver a full visual interpretation of your sales performance, opportunities and customers instantly, wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Easily Cloud accessible via tablet, smartphone or PC, Vecta enables a fully mobile, completely informed sales environment. With easily actionable sales analysis, personalized alerts and live activity logging, you will drive actions and results.

With Vecta, you can expect to see:

  • Visible growth within your current customer base, with significantly improved market share
  • Quicker sales team preparation.
  • Tangible increases in sales results

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Fostering growth in your current customer base is as important for most organizations as seeking new sales. It therefore makes sense to fully understand and appreciate every customer and prospect and how their business works.

You can use Vecta to create targeted marketing campaigns - with data based on factual sales information and knowledge of your customers. Your marketing team really will know what the customers need before they do. Instant alerts will pick up on seasonal trends or changes in buying patterns as soon as they happen.

Easy to manage segmentation helps Sales and Marketing teams target customer groups with promotions or link-sell opportunities most relevant to their needs, even tracking sales potential ‘versus’ actual spend.

  • Finely tuned marketing campaign activity based on buyer activity
  • Personalize and target communications to nurture loyalty
  • Noticeably improve marketing ROI.

The full picture at a glance

A sales CRM offering instant and centralized access to your customer management database to help promote a healthy culture of "information sharing" - one source of truth.

With integral contact data and accurate spend analysis guaranteed, the immediate visibility of your customers and a 'suggested sales' activity dashboard makes every day more productive.

  • Access up-to-date customer data and sales details - whether in the office or mobile
  • Gain an in-depth appreciation of your customers, their buying patterns and needs
  • Automatic nominated alerts highlight the customers that need to be targeted (including which products they should be buying)
  • Ensure that a consistent message is delivered by every member of the business

BI Analytics & Tools for Any Industry

Businesses across a wide variety of industries and sizes have benefitted from our business intelligence solutions. Whether you have a single location or several distribution centers, a network of showrooms and an online trading hub, our business intelligence tools are customized to your needs.

Some of the industries that have benefitted from our software solutions include:

Track & Forecast Performance with Our Business Intelligence Software

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