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Business Forecasting Software to Help You Plan Ahead

Kerridge Commercial Systems specializes in business forecasting software that allows you to control your margins more tightly and efficiently manage your stock. This means that you can optimize cash while in no way compromising availability.

With our software, you can analyze demand across your entire product range line by line; taking into account seasonal variations, local and regional trends. With the system’s ‘knowledge’ of supplier lead times, it is able to suggest the right level of stock holding by location and the purchase orders required to meet demand.

Our software for forecasting allows you to keep tight control over such elements as stock, purchases, sales, movements, and replenishments, while also making it easy for you to access vital information on stock levels that can then be interpreted and utilized.

How can our Software for Forecasting Benefit you?

  • Provides a detailed profile of demand across your business

  • Forecasts your stock requirements accurately

  • Helps to ensure your supply always meets demand

  • Reduces unnecessary capital investment

Discover how you can manage your margins easily with our business forecasting software

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FUSION18 Customer Conference Video

Customer Conference 2018 Video

FUSION18 was packed with so many learning opportunities, networking, and fun with our North America customers. We hope to see you at FUSION19 in October.