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Service Competitively

Improve Customer Service & Support with Our Integrated Business Management Software

In a sector where traditional boundaries are breaking down and once clearly defined categories—wholesale, distributor, supplier, retail—are now competing for the same customers and markets, it is vital to differentiate your business. To compete for customers and keep them coming back, you need more than just quality products at the best prices—you also need innovative customer service and support.

Our integrated business management software can help your team service customers better by putting everything you need in one easy-to-use dashboard. When a customer needs help or a piece of information, you have everything you need to respond to their needs quickly and effectively.

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Customer Relationship Management Made Easy

Our systems respond by giving you the knowledge you need to understand and deliver what your customers want, wherever and whenever they want it. Whether it is in the showroom, a sales transaction over the phone, an e-commerce order or negotiating a deal on a smartphone, you have the customer profile, purchasing history and product data at your fingertips and ready to deploy. Greater choices, better communications, and a faster response will help to secure the sale, satisfy the customer, establish a long-term customer relationship strategy and enhance your reputation. The easier and faster you can make the process on your customers, the happier they'll be—and the more likely they are to come back!

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Industries Our Business Management Software Can Help

Our business software solutions are used by many construction-related materials customers, large and small—across the world. We can support you if you are running a small business from a single shop and equally if you have several distribution centers, a network of showrooms, and an internet trading hub. From two users to several thousand—we will support you growing your business, no matter the size.

Some of the industries that have benefited from our cloud-based ERP software include:

Check out our customer success stories to see how we’ve helped businesses in the above industries and more.

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