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Sell Profitably

Our Business Management Software Helps You Sell Profitably

Selling through multiple sales channels brings huge opportunities for all distributors. Retailers diversifying through outlets, and online; wholesalers moving into e-commerce solutions, logistics and showrooms; and suppliers widening their traditional trade customer base. Every business in the sector has the potential to sell more product to more customers through more routes to market. Who doesn't want that?

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How Our Cloud ERP Helps You Sell More

Our systems provide the power and information you need to maximize profit from these opportunities. A few of the features that make our sales software a great asset to your business include:

  • Efficient processing: You can follow up, convert more quotes and generate sales quicker.
  • Sales analysis: Allows your business to measure revenues by product or branch, forecast demand, target incentives and price competitively.
  • Credit management: Ensures accurate till and bank reconciliation and control during the day.
  • Integrated accounting: Provides daily revenue, costs and margin data.
  • Real-time intelligence: Allows executives to view performance across the business and make fast, informed decisions.

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Manage Your Customer Relationships Better with Our CRM Capabilities

Our comprehensive CRM suite has the functionality to manage all your customer records, whether retailers, resellers, suppliers or consumers. Recording every piece of information and utilizing it effectively opens up opportunities to review and improve service, deliver customer campaigns, offer incentives or simply keep in touch.

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Learn More About Our All-in-One Business & Sales Management Software

No matter what industry you sell in, our software can be tailored to fit your needs. From retailers and wholesalers to distributors selling construction-related materials, we've helped businesses across multiple sectors sell better and sell more. Check out some of our customer success stories to see how we’ve helped businesses like yours or schedule your free demo today!

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