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VAST Retail

Advanced point of sale system for tire dealers and auto service shops

VAST Retail is a sophisticated point of sale and business management system designed for both single and multi-location tire dealers and auto service shops. Its powerful yet easy-to-use features help to increase revenues and generate incremental profits, while enhancing customer service and productivity. An integrated parts catalog and labor guide help to accelerate the estimating process while ensuring all jobs are profitable.

VAST Retail

Streamline your estimating process | Vast Retail

Streamline your estimating process

VAST Retail offers an array of easy-to-use estimating tools that ensure you achieve your desired margins on every job and apply consistent pricing to all customers.

  • Counter staff will be able to create specific parts and labor estimates in under a minute, with the system suggesting up-sell opportunities to help increase sales.
  • Parts images and vehicle specifications can be viewed online, and the system enables you to integrate shop supply, disposal and environmental fees within your estimates.
labor productivity and improve customer service | Vast Retail

Improve your labor productivity and improve customer service

The unique tire feature/benefit sales system of VAST Retail enables counter staff to ensure every customer gets the right tires for them, at the right price.

  • The tire window optimizes the in-store process by offering tire choices based on the customer’s driving habits and performance requirements. That means enhanced customer satisfaction and improved employee service standards.
  • Staff can instantly access tire specifications, datasheets and available add-ons.

Third-Party Integrations


Phocas offers solutions for analytics, budgeting and forecasting and financial statements that work seamlessly together to help businesses report, budget, and act faster by putting data in the hands of decision makers.

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CARFAX helps service shops attract more customers with free advertising and better serve customers with time saving tools including instant plate to VIN decoders and access to complete vehicle history information.

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Tiremetrix logo

Tiremetrix Tire Registration Plus is the only integrated tire registration platform that provides DOT validation, tire recall check and tire age alerts with every entry.

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KCS and Squarerigger have partnered to bring you fast, mobile, highly accurate tire inspections with no paper forms. Data is automatically uploaded and displayed directly in your VAST system.

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Get the most out of your data | Vast Retail

Get the most out of your data

The comprehensive reporting capabilities of VAST Retail give owners and managers access to a vast range of reports on all aspects of business performance.

  • More than 100 standardized and customizable reports, tables and graphs are available, covering everything from technician productivity, sales performance and gross margin to coupon tracking, sales tax, inventory and much more.
  • All reports are easy to understand and can be tailored to individual requirements.
Enhanced order processing to drive profitability | Vast Retail

Enhanced order processing to drive profitability

VAST Enterprise Retail has been designed to integrate seamlessly with OpenWebs e-commerce solutions, enabling you to quickly buy parts and tires online.

  • View inventory and place orders with suppliers in a matter of seconds - Prices can quickly be checked and compared across multiple suppliers.
  • Improve profits by taking advantage of the discounts offered by many national and local suppliers, placing orders direct from your point of sale system.

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A suite of data products - Catalog, Labor, Specifications and Tire data as well as connectivity solutions that was designed for the automotive tire and servicing supply chain.

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Facilitates online collaboration and sales between warehouse distributors, parts stores (jobbers), tire wholesalers and tire and auto service stations and their customers.

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Facilitates online collaboration and sales between warehouse distributors, parts stores (jobbers), tire wholesalers and tire and auto service stations and their customers.

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Other popular features that can further improve your business processes

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive reporting on sales and key performance indicators, sales tax, backouts, tire and part sales, royalties, receiving, inventory, warranty, zip code, accounts receivable, etc.

E-Commerce Integration

Online ordering through OpenWebs is compatible with most major networks, such as AConneX, IAP, NAPA, CarQuest & AutoZone.

Labor guide with variable hourly rates

Pop-up graphs display technician productivity and sales performance by date range, including monthly and yearly sales comparisons to last year and to budget.

Automated FSM part and labor estimates

See tire supplier inventory and price online by size or manufacturer – one click to order and automatically put the tire on an estimate with labor items and road hazard (optional).

Customer history including declines

Get automatic alerts for previously declined part and labor services.

OEM factory maintenance schedules

Build a vehicle specific parts and labor estimate for factory scheduled maintenance in less than one minute.

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