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VAST Online

Cloud-Based Point of Sale System

VAST Online is the browser-based version of Kerridge Commercial System’s VAST Retail point of sale software for single and multi-location tire dealers and auto service shops. VAST Online has a modern user interface which maintains a familiar workflow that users are comfortable with and will run smoothly on a desktop or tablet. As a cloud hosted solution, software updates and back-ups happen automatically and seamlessly in a secure data center.

VAST Online
Quickly Quote & Sell the Right Tires | Vast Online

Quickly Quote & Sell the Right Tires

VAST Online’s tire selling tools were designed by industry professionals who recognize the difference between giving quick quotes on the phone to encourage a visit versus the in-store process of offering the right tire based on the customer’s driving habits and performance criteria.

  • Quickly lookup tire quotes by size, year, make and model.
  • Customizable tire selling window offers powerful features and benefits, speed rating, pricing, warranty and numerous other tire attributes.
  • Maximize profit margins by selling the right tire.
Streamline the Repair Estimating Process  | Vast Online

Streamline the Repair Estimating Process

Point and click on VAST Online’s seamlessly integrated parts catalog and labor data to create an accurately priced out estimate in seconds.

  • Easy-to-use estimating tools increase average profit for repair orders, ensure consistent pricing and help you achieve your desired margins.
  • Powerful features allow users to capture up-sell opportunities with package jobs and complete factory maintenance services.
  • Streamline your processes by automating shop supply, disposal and environment fees.

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Connect to Part and Tire Supplies | Vast Online

Connect to Part and Tire Supplies

VAST Online’s seamless connection to part and tire suppliers enables users to see inventory and place orders in seconds from directly within a work order.

  • Take advantage of discounts offered by national and local suppliers through hot-shot and stock orders from within VAST Online.
  • Innovative search capabilities allow you to search a tire supplier’s inventory for all products in a given size or manufacturer.
  • Compare pricing from multiple suppliers to ensure to your business is maximizing its profits.
Closely Monitor Sales and Labor Productivity | Vast Online

Closely Monitor Sales and Labor Productivity

In the VAST Online system, owners and managers have access to tailored reporting that provides the information needed to reward performance and make timely decisions.

  • Pop-up graphs display a comprehensive view of sales performance data by date range, including monthly and yearly sales.
  • Outside purchase reports allow you to track and control buyouts, including core tracking and vendor statement reconciliation.
  • Monitor profitability with gross margin reports.
Manage Inventory and Control Outside Purchases | Vast Online

Manage Inventory and Control Outside Purchases

The cost of goods represents one of the most critical areas of expense in a tire and service business. VAST Online saves businesses money by recommending overstock items for transfer, buying designated products from least cost vendors and connecting to suppliers for electronic transmission.

  • Receive new product and price updates from suppliers, reset selling prices and track sales history.
  • Real-time data gives you a complete view of multi-location inventory.
  • Track outside purchases not installed on a vehicle to detect and deter theft or correct simple oversight.

Other popular features that can further improve your business processes

QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks integration for Accounts Payable and General Ledger supports multiple companies and/or profit centers.

Estimating Tools

Quickly build a vehicle specific parts and labor estimate for factory scheduled maintenance and create packages for canned jobs with automatic lookup of parts.

Fleet and Commercial Data

Tap into the huge fleet and commercial market by addressing special service needs, data capture rules, contract pricing, and billing procedures.

Advanced Reporting

Numerous outside purchase reports to monitor and control buyouts, including core tracking and vendor statement reconciliation.

E-Commerce Connectivity

Online ordering through OpenWebs is compatible with most major networks, such as AConneX and IAP.

Customer Specific Rules

Set customer specific rules for data capture, credit limits to prevent unauthorized house charges, and variable payment terms.

Customizable Service Packages

Quickly and easily build service packages, add technicians, and perform a host of other maintenance functions without repetition.

OPO and Vendor Data Integration

OPO costs and vendor data seamlessly flow from the electronic supplier transaction at store level into VAST Online for audit.

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