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Flexible E-Commerce System

The OpenWebs B2B system facilitates online collaboration and sales between warehouse distributors, parts stores (jobbers), tire wholesalers and tire and auto service stations and their customers. The system’s modules and open architecture provide you with a single solution for all your e-commerce requirements, from online inquiries and ordering, to secure trading and accounting functions.

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OpenWebs B2B
Internet Browser Gateway | OpenWebs B2B

Internet Browser Gateway

Thanks to the dynamic web browser interface provided by OpenWebs B2B, customers can access your systems using standard web browser software (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari).

  • Customers are given a variety of tools such order history look-up, customer messaging, inquiry and ordering, accounts receivable and statement access.
  • Implementation offers do-it-yourself web page customization, ensuring a fast and easy setup process.
Application-to-Application (A2A) Gateways | OpenWebs B2B

Application-to-Application (A2A) Gateways

OpenWebs B2B enables you to connect your customers to your systems from within their own applications, for both inquiries and ordering.

  • Unique connectivity reduces the costs of integration, maintenance and transactions associated with having multiple providers and customers.
  • Significant flexibility allows you to develop your own trading network with both suppliers and customers.
Range of Additional Modules | OpenWebs B2B

Range of Additional Modules

A range of additional modules are available to enhance your e-commerce system and tailor it to your specific requirements. You can provide customers with an online tire guide, customize your login, home and other pages, link to major catalog providers and access vital inquiry and ordering information to improve your customers’ online experience.

  • With OpenWebs B2B, users can import their own images or PDF documents that link to parts in the system.
  • Linking PDF documents to parts allows your customers to see and download needed information, such as current material safety data sheets.
Partner Supply Chain Module | OpenWebs B2B

Partner Supply Chain Module

With the demands on working capital and inventory, OpenWebs allows users to expand their product offerings by leveraging their own inventory levels as well as their partners in one consolidated display.

  • Partner inventory displays allow customers to capture sales they may have otherwise missed.
  • Innovative inventory management tools ensure businesses can support their customers’ demands.

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