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Rapid and accurate goods receipt in branch

eReceiving is an app that is installed on a smartphone or other suitable device that provides the ability to manage the customer delivery cycle, check off and confirm deliveries, capture recipient names and signatures and to automatically inform branch staff immediately of any issues that have arisen.

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Reduce Processing Errors | eReceiving

Reduce Processing Errors

Recording receipt of goods from a supplier can be a time-consuming task. Apart from the manual checking of inventory at the point of receipt and noting discrepancies on the paperwork, there is then the need to update your back-office system to record the receipt. eReceiving is designed to make it simple for your staff to process receipts quickly and efficiently.

  • Avoid unnecessary delays by getting material out quickly to customers.
  • Easy to use features allows users to book in receipts from purchase orders and makes purchase orders easy to find.
  • All the details that you need to action the receipt - products, expected quantities, barcodes, etc – are all immediately downloaded to the app.
Significantly reduce opportunities for delay | eReceiving

Significantly reduce opportunities for delay

The app can then operate in offline mode until the receipt is to be confirmed. This means that you can receive material in areas where your network coverage may not be that strong, such as in a yard. You can also allow multiple users to receive inventory from a single purchase order, which enables you to quickly validate and receive larger deliveries.

  • Prompts ensure details are captured and verified, such as batch/pack, serial numbers or tally breakdown.
  • All data and images are automatically uploaded to your business management system and are visible to all staff that need to take action on items.
  • Issues can be recorded during receiving and immediate notifications are generated and directed to the right member of staff for immediate action.

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