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Retail ERP Software

The retail sector is at the sharp end of the economy, under constant pressure to sustain turnover, market share, and margins while responding to fierce price competition. New sales channels have opened up the market and altered the traditional customer relationship. Retailers succeed in this fast-moving environment if they keep complete visibility of their supply chain, continue to improve customer service, and maintain efficient transaction processing and cash handling.

Our retail management software helps your business oversee inventory, accounting, sales, and more with one integrated solution.

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Retail Management Software Solutions for Your Business

We offer retailers a tightly integrated solution where salespeople have complete visibility of product and supply chain information so that they can give great service. Real-time information also flows to the website where customers can view prices, browse, and buy online as easily as in the store. Relationships are built through targeted marketing campaigns, special promotions, and incentives. Cash and credit management systems provide accurate reconciliation and control through the trading day and management gets a complete overview of business performance, helping them to forecast demand and ensure product availability for customers.

Features of our retail management software include:

Retail Sales Software

We know that sales processing speed and accuracy are key when you're trading with your customers—whether that's over the phone, at the counter or online. Our experts have brought in their personal knowledge and experience to create our sales order processing software, which will revolutionize your sales order process.

Retail CRM Software

Our CRM system provides a greater understanding of your target market. CRM software helps you to improve communication with customers and enables the sharing of data internally about customers, prospects, and suppliers. We can ultimately increase your productivity and help to boost sales.

Retail Inventory Management

Our retail inventory management software allows you to keep tight control over your stock, sales, purchases, movements, and replenishments from your headquarters, branch locations, and warehouses. The vital data about your stock levels is easily accessed, interpreted, and utilized, allowing your organization to gain tight margin control and have full visibility.

Retail Business Forecasting

With our business forecasting software, you can analyze demand across your entire product range line by line, taking into account seasonal variations as well as local and regional trends. With the system’s knowledge of supplier lead times, it is able to suggest the right level of stock holding by location and the purchase orders required to meet demand.

Learn More About Our Retail ERP Software

At Kerridge Commercial Systems, we’ve designed advanced ERP software specifically for your retail business. Our fully integrated solution works seamlessly with your operations, becoming a platform for performance and growth without changing your core working principles. To learn more about our system, download our brochure or schedule your free demo today.

Retailer Success Stories

Adleta Corp.

Adleta is first and foremost in the business of providing customers with exceptional service! While the implementation of our ecommerce solution provided the company with multiple opportunities for improvement with regards to internal processes, the decision to implement an ecommerce solution was driven primarily by the fact that today's flooring retailers and contractors demand an online presence from their vendors.

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Abraham Linc

“We invested significant resources to upgrade our warehouse and refine our delivery system,” said CFO Robert Marra II. “Having the ability to scan all of our products in and out—and know exactly where they are—is a tremendous benefit. We’re able to turn a greater volume of product with minimum workforce.”

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