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ERP Software for Full Kitchen and Bathroom Visibility

Our ERP software has long supported both the kitchen and bathroom supply industries. From the ability to integrate with design packages through to full visibility of what products you have in stock and where, our software has been developed to be a high-quality business solution that makes the sourcing, stocking, selling and servicing of bathrooms and kitchens as easy and effective as possible.

Easy to Use Point of Sale for Trade & Retail

It is important that your staff can quickly and easily make a sale in your showroom or trade area.

Our ERP software provides a quick and easy-to-use Sales Order Processing (SOP) module that allows your staff to:

  • Check stock
  • Get customer specific pricing
  • Put a sale on cash or account that is then immediately sent to picking or goods collection if needed
  • Access cross-sell suggestions or other parts that might be needed to complete the job

Learn more about how KCS’ ERP system can help your kitchen and bathroom supply industry by calling or contacting us today!

Accurate Stock Visibility

We know how important it is to know what items you have in stock, especially if you have multiple companies, branches, or storage units. Our kitchen and bathroom ERP software enables every department to keep track of products and stock levels, whether it is in the showroom or the warehouse.

Business Intelligence Gives You a Detailed View of Your Business

We know that you want to have an accurate view of your overall business at all times, whether it’s managing your warehouse or servicing your customers.

With user-defined KPIs, integrated Business Intelligence software, and a flexible reporting system, you can have complete visibility of all areas of your business. This makes it easy to drill into the details of each area, branch, salesperson, or product, all with a simple click.

Doing business in your own entrepreneurial style is important, which is why our ERP software enables you to make pricing, promotions, and offers as flexible as they need to be. This lets your managers, sales teams, and other staff to run your business in your own way.

See How Our ERP Software Has Been the Solution for Other Industries

KCS has been working with other companies and industries at over 18,000 locations across the globe. During these times, we’ve had a lot of remarkable success stories about how our ERP system has helped other companies succeed.

One of these stories involves the UK’s largest specialist bathroom retailer, Bathstore. KCS was able to help Bathstore integrate with vehicle tracking services, manage warehouse functionality, control stocking “rules,” and much more. Bathstore knew that we were the right people to help with the job and we’ve had a successful relationship with them ever since.

We also worked with Howdens, a company that operates 642+ branches and manages 450,000 trade accounts. Howdens has been working with K8, a piece of Kerridge Commercial System ERP software, for over 8 years now to help manage all of its accounts and sales. The relationship between Howdens and KCS has developed into a strong partnership with future strategic developments in the works.

To see how KCS’ kitchen and bathroom ERP software can help your business be our next success story, call or contact us today

Learn how our kitchen and bathroom software can help your business.

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