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Industries Overview

Integrated Business Management Software Systems for Construction Related Materials Industries

Flexible and Effective Distribution ERP Software

We provide integrated business management software systems that support flexibility across sourcing, stock, sales, and service.

Wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers are evolving into complex modern businesses, working through innovative supply and sales channels. By pushing the traditional boundaries, organizations are achieving a flexibility that is essential for success in today’s dynamic market.

You need a fast, agile, integrated business management solution platform to drive your supply chain, whether you operate a central distribution center, a network of showrooms, an internet trading hub or a telemarketing function. You need powerful, versatile software to enable competitive pricing and responsive service.

Whether you are a wholesaler providing bulk deliveries, a trade specialist assembling custom solutions, or a retail enterprise selling directly to the consumer, our solutions are specifically designed by construction related materials experts, to provide flexibility, visibility, and control across your entire trading business.

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Automotive Aftermarket Software

Our automotive parts software enables your processes to be executed in real-time, which allows you up-to-the-minute views of all aspects of your business. From the retail counter that can find parts quickly without the part number to a photographic catalog linked to stock files that can deliver the latest information efficiently, our automotive ERP is specially designed to work for your business.

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Electrical Wholesalers Software

Looking for a tool to efficiently manage your electrical wholesaler or distributor business? Our cloud ERP for electrical wholesalers helps you with sales order processing, purchasing, stock control, eCommerce, and more.

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Flooring Software

Our flooring software works for both retail flooring and floor covering distribution businesses and can be customized to work for your team. Our software modules can help you manage your business's finances, logistics, stock, customer relationships, and more.

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HVAC Distribution Software

Our HVAC business software provides a real-time view of all operations for efficient and effective management. You will be able to track every stock movement and integrate that information with other system modules. And as the HVACR industry evolves, so will you—we'll help develop and customize software solutions as new trends and industry standards develop.

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Irrigation Business Software

Are you an irrigation distributor? Our integrated business management software gives you clear business insights for monitoring your business's overall performance. With our solution, you'll have a complete overview of sales, orders booked, suppliers, creditors, debtors, and company finances.

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Cloud ERP for Kitchen and Bathroom Suppliers

Our integrated business management software helps you check stock, make sales, get pricing, and more for your kitchen and bathroom supply business. From managing your warehouse to serving your customers, our cloud ERP is perfect for your business.

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Lumber & Building Material Software

Our distribution ERP software is perfect for the lumber, building material, and roofing supply industries. Our lumber inventory software helps you check stock and fulfill orders as well as manage customer records through our integrated CRM.

Learn more about our ERP software for the lumber, building, and roofing supply industries »

MRP Software for Discrete Manufacturing

Our MRP software helps optimize your production process and manage the supply chain to set your business up for success. Every part of the manufacturing process can be tracked, monitored, and automated to help you control costs and quality.

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PVF Distribution Software

Our distribution software for the pipe, valves, and fittings industry can be customized to efficiently manage your sales order processing, purchasing, stock management, and work orders. Our PVF business software is award-winning, and you'll know why with one demo.

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Plumbing Supply & Distribution Software

Whether you're working with residential, commercial, or industrial sectors, our plumbing distribution software helps you provide customers with a variety of choices for ordering, including via phone, fax, email, or online. Our ERP software can also help with warehouse operations, stock movement, and more.

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Retail ERP Software

Our retail software offers real-time product and supply chain information so you can provide great customer service. Our retail ERP's cash and credit management system provides a complete overview of business performance to help forecast demand and ensure product availability.

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Business Management Software for Waterworks Distributors

Our distribution software for the waterworks industry helps track stock movements so your team can focus on delivering outstanding customer service to clients.

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Wholesale Distribution Software

Our award-winning wholesale distribution software can help you manage everything from stock control to delivery management and accounting. Our customers in wholesale distribution love our fully integrated business management system.

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