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Modern Slavery Statement


KCS provides specialized software, services, and support to deliver fully integrated trading and business management solutions to distributive trades customers, large and small – wherever they are in the world. We know that slavery, servitude, forced labor and human trafficking (Modern Slavery) is a global and growing issue, existing in every region in the world and in every type of economy. No sector or industry can be considered immune or untainted.

KCS has a zero tolerance approach to Modern Slavery of any kind within our operations and supply chain. We do not believe there are any parts of our business where there is a risk of Modern Slavery. However, we all have a responsibly to be alert to the risks, however small, in our business and in the wider supply chain. All staff are expected to report concerns, using the appropriate reporting channels, and management are expected and required to act upon them.

This policy and our performance in relation to Modern Slavery will be reviewed annually.

KCS group policies and training

Our group internal policies include our Business Ethics Policy where we confirm our responsibility to act at all times with integrity and honesty and within the law, and to act responsibly in leading and directing our business activities in relation to any impact we may have on the environment, the local, national and global economy and the community or communities in which we operate.

This includes ensuring that no KCS company employs young people under the legal employment age in any country in which we operate and that we apply the highest standards of integrity to the recruitment and management of staff in all our companies.

Our group Equal Opportunities policy reaffirms our strong commitment to providing for all our employees a working environment that is free from harassment, intimidation, or discrimination in any form that may affect the dignity of the individual.

We also operate a Whistleblowing Policy which encourages staff to report any wrongdoing which includes any human rights violations like Modern Slavery. It includes any perceived wrongdoing by external agents and contractors. All reports will be fully investigated and appropriate remedial actions taken. Employees receive induction training covering our company policies and our ethical stance, and this is supplemented by any further training required. This is reinforced for managers in our Management Handbook and training.

Supply chain

Our supplier base is reviewed regularly by the management teams of all our companies, and any risks of Modern Slavery assessed. Should any suppliers and contractors be deemed to be anything other than low risk, they will be required to confirm that they comply with the principles and requirements of the Modern Slavery legislation, as well as their commitment to ethical trading and management.