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Abraham Linc

We invested significant resources to upgrade our warehouse and refine our delivery system. Having the ability to scan all of our products in and out — and know exactly where they are — is a tremendous benefit. We’re able to turn a greater volume of product with minimum workforce.

Name: Robert Marra II

Position: CFO

Company: Abraham Linc

Industry: Distribution

Fierst Distributing Company

Getting the sales team to use the tacked together system we had before was always a battle from a management point of view. With CQM, it’s intuitive and easy to use. The team was comfortable using it from day one.

Name: Jim Tasillo

Position: General Manager

Company: Fierst Distributing Co

Industry: Distribution

International Wholesale Tile

I was at dinner at a trade show when I received a call from a customer wanting to know why their order had not shipped yet. I was able to view the order in Sales Portal and quickly identify the issue. I was able to satisfy my customer’s needs before our phone conversation ended.

Name: Tom Cosky

Position: Manager

Company: International Wholesale Tile

Industry: Distribution

Alliance Parts Warehouse

With Autopart, APW saw an improvement in order fulfillment and accuracy – driven by the real-time nature of the software. Cycle counting alone has saved us a large amount of expense and downtime annually, as we no longer are required to perform annual physical inventories, and our inventory accuracy is well above 99%.

Name: Anne Coffin

Position: Director of IT

Company: Alliance Parts Warehouse

Industry: Automotive

Brex Inc

Our ability to generate a timely work order for a customer has made a huge difference in our production. We also have a much better handle now on our cost of goods with VAST.

Name: John Keeley

Position: General Manager

Company: Brex Inc

Industry: Automotive

Hawaii Tire / Lex Brodie’s Tire Stores

The VAST system gives us great efficiency and visibility. The Work Order Screen keeps track of everything, and estimating is viewable on one screen. We can view multiple location inventories at one time, and when a sales manager creates an estimate, that estimate can be viewed by anyone else for consistency and reliability in pricing and deliverables.

Name: Josh Porter

Position: Managing Director

Company: Lex Brodie's Tires

Industry: Automotive

Event Wave Productions

We wanted to find a solution where we could all be up to date on the most current information, find what we needed quickly and not have to call each other. We wanted a central place of truth, where we knew what equipment was available, who was doing what and when, how much jobs were being quoted for and this really brought everything together, into one place, so that anyone from our company could access that information.

Name: Ross Goldman

Position: Owner

Company: Event Wave Productions

Industry: Rental

Lightbulb Grip and Electric

Current has allowed us to digitize our entire system. When we send out a quote or rental agreement, our customers can sign for it digitally straight from the online document, keeping everything centralized and paper free.

Name: Adam Richlin

Position: Owner

Company: Lightbulb Grip and Electric

Industry: Rental

Boels Rental

When it comes to rental, Boels is one of Europe’s major success stories. Established with one branch in 1977 by Pierre Boels Sr., the company is now one of the fastest growing and leading rental companies in Europe.

Name: David Oliver

Position: IT Manager

Company: Boels Rental

Industry: Rental

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Selling through multiple sales channels brings you huge opportunities. Every business has the potential to sell more products, to more customers, through more routes to market.

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