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Why Us

Why Us

We provide software and services developed specifically for the distributive trades. Our solutions have been designed around the way wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers actually work: they are not adapted from generic products.

Our unrivaled knowledge of your sector is based on over 40 years’ experience. We have supported many of our customers for more than a decade, sharing experiences as their companies and markets have evolved, and understanding their challenges.

We offer fully integrated business management solutions for your business. Our software and services integrate seamlessly with each other and with your operations, becoming a platform for performance and growth without changing your core working practices.

We continue to invest in advancing technologies, to create solutions that are as powerful as they are relevant: not only best in class for the sector, but also scalable and adaptable to your specific trading and organizational needs.

We work closely with our customers, and they tell us that is as important as our technical expertise. We listen, we understand, and we become part of your team, helping you to maximize opportunities and overcome business challenges.


FUSION19 Customer Conference Video

Customer Conference 2019 Video

FUSION19 was full of networking, learning opportunities and fun with our North America customers.