A Day in the Life - Paul

Web Consultant (Bourne End, UK)

How long have you worked for Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) Group?

I have worked for KCS for almost 3 months. Somehow, the time has flown by, and it feels like I’ve worked here for longer.

Describe a typical day

Being relatively new to the organization, I am still learning new things about the company, the people, and my role, so I have struggled to define a ‘typical day, ’ and I’m not actually sure if there really is a typical day!

The primary focus of my role is to help our customers get the very best out of Web Builder, our ecommerce platform.

In the morning, I could take part in a conversation with an established customer about upgrading their site because they want to use the latest mobile friendly responsive version of our software.

In the afternoon, I could be on a conference call with new customers in the US who are about to create their very first ecommerce site.

An initial kick-off call ensures they are fully informed and well prepared to start the project.

During the discovery phase, there could be a need for new features or enhancements, so it is vital that we gather enough information for our development team to understand how this could integrate with the wider K8 system.

What do you like best about working for KCS?

I have personally found the company welcoming to new starters. I get the impression that staff feedback is welcomed and there is an openness about the direction the company is heading.

KCS is growing, and there are opportunities for staff to progress within the company if they wish.

What would be useful for new hires to know about KCS?

Look at the success stories section of the KCS website and pay close attention to the type of businesses who use our software. Find out what is important to them, and you will see how KCS supports them.


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