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A Day in the Life - Jeanne

Support Administrator (Johannesburg, South Africa)

How long have you worked for KCS?

I have been with the KCS Group since March 2012. I originally moved here from a K8 Customer, joining the Support Team as a Trade Support Analyst. About 2 years later I grew into a more administrative role, liaising closely with Customers and the Support Team.

Describe a typical day

My typical day starts with a quick look at how many calls are open in our Support queue. I regularly check my emails for any escalations or feedback request so that I can action them. Because I deal with a number of monthly Customer meetings, my next step is to get ready for whatever meetings are scheduled through the day as well as to prepare for those which are coming up the next day. Then, more often than not, it’s back to escalations and feedback request so that we can keep our SA Customers as happy as possible. Keeping communication flowing with our Customers is an important part of my role.

What do you like best about KCS?

KCS Group has such an exciting growth path, that change is truly a constant. There is always something new coming down the line which makes for interesting, challenging days… every day.

What would be useful for new hires to know about KCS?

New hires joining such a dynamic and expanding Company need a strong measure of dedication to make it truly rewarding. With such an incredible volume to learn about the Software itself, progress can feel extremely slow. There is always someone available to give advice, mentorship or support when the going gets tough; don’t be afraid to put up your hand and ask.


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