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Integrated electronic proof of delivery

ePOD is an app installed on a smartphone or other suitable device that can manage the customer delivery cycle, check off and confirm deliveries, capture recipient names and signatures and automatically inform branch staff immediately of any issues.


What are the benefits to your business?


Deliver the right goods at the right time

We know that delivering the right goods at the right time to your customer is key to ensuring that your business remains at the forefront of customer service. In addition, ensuring that deliveries are error-free or only have errors that can occur quickly and efficiently is essential for providing accurate and timely invoicing.

  • Capturing customer signatures for all deliveries made with the signed PODs instantly available ensures that queries resolve fast.
  • Optimize the functionality available to your drivers as they manage deliveries.
  • Deploy ePOD on a smartphone or a rugged device - you choose the technology that best supports your delivery requirements.

Optimal delivery visibility

Depending on how you operate, drivers can either pull a pre-prepared manifest from your business management system for their route and vehicle, or they may simply scan deliveries as they load the vehicle to create the manifest. Finally, drivers can review the manifest to ensure all is correct before downloading it to their device.

  • You can optionally issue automatic notifications from your business management system to advise customers that they are next in the delivery sequence.
  • Drivers can quickly scan the delivery ticket, record the recipient’s name, and request their signature – then drivers can email POD straight to the customer.
  • Issues such as shortages, damaged goods, etc, can be easily highlighted and sent to the branch for immediate action. View notes and images captured to determine the right course of action.

Integrates with


A sophisticated and intuitive cloud-based ERP and business management solution enables you to manage all aspects of your business and fully supports your digital strategy.

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