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KCS deploys 218 new VAST dealer locations

KCS is pleased to announce the addition of 218 new dealer locations over the last 12 months to its already impressive lineup of VAST users. The increase in dealer locations demonstrates the industry’s growing recognition of the financial and operational benefits that VAST delivers.

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The addition of these new locations can be contributed to KCS' continued investment in research and development, which has led to many new features being added to VAST as well as existing functionality being upgraded and improved.

Some new key developments include third-party integrations like the following:

  • CARFAX Loyalty Program Integration - The CARFAX Shop Loyalty Program helps service shops bring back more customers and strengthen their online reputation. VAST integrates with the CARFAX Shop Loyalty Program by automatically providing customer and service data to CARFAX.
  • Podium Integration - Podium, a leading Interaction Management platform for tire dealers, is now integratable with VAST. From getting found online to winning repeat business, Podium powers every step. It's the simplest way to collect reviews, gather insights, and talk to customers in real-time through text.
  • Tiremetrix Integration - Tire Registration Plus offers not just tire registration, but integrated DOT number validation to help ensure that POS users are registering tires correctly. The VAST POS is integrated with Tire Registration Plus' web service APIs at the point of sale, which will warn the user of invalid DOT number entries and walk them toward entering the number correctly.
  • CrowdTwist Integration - VAST now integrates with CrowdTwist. CrowdTwist programs reward and track behavior for more than 100 different kinds of engagement and spending behaviors.

“We are pleased to be bringing on new locations and adding more customers to the KCS family. We pride ourselves on providing solutions that are robust and user friendly through the latest enhancements to our product suite.” stated John Fischer, VP of Sales & Marketing at KCS.

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