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Tilespace upgrades to the latest release

Flooring & Surfaces




Customer: Tilespace

What we did: Upgraded K8

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Tilespace has been a customer of Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) since 2010. They have two branches. Tilespace offers an unrivaled selection of exclusive, imported brands specializing in tiles, sanitary ware, taps, and fittings. They recently upgraded from K8.07 to Babbage.

With an executive board counting on 75 years of collective industry experience and bolstered by dedicated and experienced management and staff, the collaboration has been dynamic earning TILESPACE a highly respected reputation in the marketplace. Management’s daily hands-on approach to the business has resulted in a culture of agility, intimacy and virtuosity breeding trust amongst key suppliers and long standing clients.

Gains and benefits

  • The cashbook functionality added benefits
  • Real-time posting of transactions allowing up to date account figures
  • The new look and feel for the Babbage accounting module was a welcomed change
  • Having a web based application where they can log in to the system and do credit limit overrides on the go
  • Data warehouse providing more in depth analysis of data

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Due to all our testing, the great team I had at Tilespace as well as Kerridge Commercial Systems, we had a very smooth Go-Live with almost zero issues.

- Bronwen Fritz, Financial Manager



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