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Edgar Brothers


Customer: Edgar Brothers

What we did: Implemented K8

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Implementing K8 to support future growth

Established in 1947, Macclesfield-based Edgar Brothers is a leading distributor and retailer of firearms and ammunition. The company is now preparing to implement K8 with a go live scheduled for January 2016. Edgar Brothers’ customers include shooting sports retailers, shooting grounds, police and defense sectors, professional and leisure customers. The company needed to replace their existing OneOffice system. It served the business extremely well since 1998 and supported considerable growth. However, K8 was a better fit for the family-owned business moving forward.

Forward-thinking company

Emma Burgess, Operations Director, said, “Although our OneOffice system has supported our business very well – a six-fold increase in ten years, we were falling behind getting the most from our systems. Workarounds and the use of third party software have become necessary. As a forward-thinking company, this is not how we want to run the business.”

Need for investment

Realizing the need for systems investment – Edgar’s staff needed more capable and advanced functionality to do their jobs and to improve business efficiencies in key areas. With a trusted KCS partnership, they focused on the business case for K8 including addressing some pressing requirements, notably integrated management information, warehouse management and procurement applications.

Edgar Brothers have chosen to design a completely new business operation around K8. “The time was right to make a fresh start, revise our ISO9001 Quality Management System and steer towards making the best use of K8’s capabilities,” said Burgess.

Learning about K8’s capabilities

The K8 project began with the Discovery phase - the first part of METIS, the KCS implementation methodology. The KCS team ran several, in depth ‘learning’ workshops focusing on different areas of the system’s business processes and established the basis for the system set-up. The workshops highlighted K8’s considerable time-saving opportunities and efficiencies especially in procurement and warehousing along with the use of hand-held devices and bar codes.

A team effort for the best results

Edgar Brothers said, “The whole project is a team effort, and everyone is totally committed to achieving the best result. We are fortunate to have like-minded, enthusiastic and ambitious employees; departments are taking responsibility for their own system applications and have their own ‘pot of gold’ to aim for.”

A platform for future growth

Targeting some clear benefits, the Edgar Brothers are confident that the system will meet current needs now and be a platform for future growth. Having robust, effective and efficient systems will enable them to maintain their successful development and provide staff with the means to take the business forward.

Edgar Brother’s K8 project has now passed through the METIS Discovery phase - a learning process that highlighted the system’s time-saving opportunities. Now embarking on a comprehensive staff training program for the award-winning ERP software Edgar Brothers will use a train the trainer approach to develop the required competencies and system knowledge.


  • Identified as best time for K8 migration
  • Learning workshops to build system knowledge
  • Comprehensive, structured training program
  • K8 is giving staff the tools they need
  • System ‘gain’ objectives for each department

ASL Case Study


K8 will deliver everything we need on a single platform, and we will be supported by an implementation team with experience of both systems. Sharing knowledge between the two platforms will be enormously beneficial.

- Emma Burgess, Operations Director



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