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Goedkoop Bouwmaterialen

Lumber, Building & Roofing


Goedkoop Bouwmaterialen


Customer: Goedkoop Bouwmaterialen

What we did: Implemented K8

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Founded in 1932, as a small lumber and hardware wholesaler based in the center of Amsterdam, Goedkoop Bouwmaterialen now supplies lumber, kitchens, plasterboard, and tools. The company’s products are used in many building renovation projects in Amsterdam and customers also include numerous DIY businesses.

The family-owned, forward-thinking company installed its first computer system in 1985 – at the time trading systems for wholesalers were in their infancy. Much more recently, as a result of business growth, and the opening of an additional branch, a systems review was required. As members of Sakol, a purchasing association, Goedkoop Bouwmaterialen were recommended to take a look at K8 - one of only two systems that it had identified for its members. The result – an order was placed for K8 and installation followed.

Gains and benefits

  • Process-driven functions maintain a high level of quality
  • Component kits – easily managed and controlled
  • Fast search facilities – means better customer service
  • Inter-branch trading more efficient and simplified
  • Full auditability – everything can be traced to source
  • User-friendly functionality – builds staff confidence
  • Information is clearly presented throughout the system

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K8 ensures that we follow the correct procedures to allow a constant high level of quality. K8 is fast, easy to work with and everything can be traced back. It works perfectly.

- Cees Goedkoop, Director



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