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FUSION17 User Conference: October 15-18, 2017.

We are excited to invite you to register and attend FUSION17, the first annual combined user conference for all Dancik International and Mincron Software Systems customers! As part of the growing Kerridge Commercial Systems group of companies, it is an exciting time for both companies as we join forces for this conference and continue to grow and look for opportunities to build stronger relationships with our customers.

FUSION17 will bring together industry leaders and experts from around the world, ensuring a varied program full of learning, networking opportunities, and fun! The agenda will include guest speakers, sharing of ideas from your colleagues and breakout sessions focused on all areas of your software to make sure you are leveraging your investment with Dancik to improve your company's operating performance.

Who Should Attend FUSION17?

All Dancik customers are invited to attend. The conference has something for everyone! We recommend the conference for corporate executives, IT personnel, accounting, sales and operations managers and team members, branch managers and training managers, warehouse managers, purchasing agents.... in fact, everyone in your company can find benefits in attending!

Register for the conference by September 8th to receive the discounted rate and don't forget to book your hotel room at The Sheraton New Orleans! The registration fee is slightly higher than previous years, but FUSION17 promises more content and programming than ever before. There is a 35% discount available when you register 3 or more attendees.

Register for FUSION17.

Reserve your room at The Sheraton New Orleans Hotel.

We look forward to seeing you at FUSION17 New Orleans October 15-18!

Contact: Lisa White, or 919-379-3748.

Quemere Designs

Dancik International, a Kerridge Commerical Systems Company, announced today that Quemere Designs has selected K8 via a five user SaaS license to support their handcrafted tile business.

Quemere International Handmade Tile began production in 1987. Quemere tiles are known for having a very detailed handcrafted finish. They are constantly developing new designs, glazes, and colors. Works orders drive their business and K8 was determined to offer the best works orders feature set they had seen in the market.


We are thrilled to partner with Unilog as a Gold Level Sponsor of the CIMM2 Users Group Meeting, which will take place March 5-7, 2017 in Las Vegas. Our Senior K8 Consultant will present a live K8 demo on Monday, March 6 from 2:45 pm to 4:00 pm in Track 4 which is designated for ERP specific sessions.

“We are delighted to be the exclusive ERP vendor supporting the CIMM2 Conference.” - Alan Cross, Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) Executive Vice President North America

K8 by Dancik International, a Kerridge Commercial Systems Group company, is a leading global ERP system that helps Distributors & Dealers create a transparent environment and grow their business without the complexities seen in other ERP solutions.

K8 is a fully integrated, and scalable ERP (single server and single database). We do not sell modules; K8 is a complete system from day one that can support your Distribution or Dealer business for decades and you do not have to worry about add-on products. K8 is 40 years in the making but modernized and positioned for the mobile generation.

Complete with Sales Order Processing, fast Point of Sale, Purchase Order Control, Stock Management, Integrated Accounting (AP, AR, GL and Fixed Assets), Dashboard Business Intelligence, CRM, E-commerce Solutions (B2B and B2C friendly), Wireless Warehouse Management, Manufacturing and even Equipment Rental, K8 offers the unique opportunity to deploy a tier-1 competitive ERP system without the tier-1 ERP price.

Available either on-premises or in the K-Cloud.

“KCS is taking ERP to the next level with K8 designed specifically for the Distributor, Wholesaler & Retailer.” - Suchit Bachalli, President, Unilog

The NAHB International Builders' Show® (IBS) is considered the largest annual light construction show in the world. More than 60,000 participants from 100 countries attend the show every year to see the new and innovative products being showcased. The industry’s most prominent manufacturers and suppliers from around the world bring their latest products, materials, and technologies to the IBS exhibit hall.

While exploring the exhibit hall participants will want to seek out the Dancik booth #S3064. The Dancik K8 team will be ready to discuss your ERP needs, and provide live K8 demonstrations while you enjoy a taste of some of the finest bourbon and scotch we can find.

K8 is a fully-integrated Business Management solution focused on lumber, building materials, flooring, HVAC, electrical and plumbing distributors, wholesalers, suppliers, and retailers. K8, a scalable ERP is a complete system from day one that can support your business for decades and you do not have to worry about add-on products.

K8 is complete with Sales Order Processing, Point of Sale, Purchase Order Control, Stock Management, Integrated Accounting (AP, AR, GL and Fixed Assets), Dashboard Business Intelligence, CRM, E-commerce Solutions (B2B and B2C friendly), Wireless Warehouse Management, Millwork and Manufacturing and even Equipment Rental. K8 offers the unique opportunity to deploy a tier-1 competitive ERP system without the tier-1 ERP price. Available either on-premises or in the K-Cloud.

The K8 team will be available in booth #S3064 January 10-12, 2017 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm to answer questions, discuss ERP needs and provide live demonstrations. The fine Bourbon and Scotch tasting will also take place in booth #S3064 January 10 & 11, 2017 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. While you are at the booth, drop your business card in the fishbowl for the opportunity to win a Yeti cooler or Fitbit Surge.

K8 was first launched in North America at the 2016 IBS show. Since the launch, K8 has been extremely well received throughout North America. We are excited to showcase K8 once again at IBS 2017. Don’t miss a single moment of IBS or the events happening in booth #S3064!

R.L. Wurz

HOUSTON — Mincron is delighted to announce that new customer R.L. Wurz Company has gone live on SmartDistributor 12.1!

R.W. Wurz, a leading construction materials distributor based in Cleveland, spent several years researching distribution software before selecting Mincron as their software solution partner. President Tom Lavelle said, “The two primary reasons we selected Mincron were their system excellence in the distribution industry and the quality of their people.”

R.L. Wurz offers a complete selection of specialty caulk, sealant, waterproofing, concrete and masonry products from top manufacturers. Its primary customers are contractors, architects, engineers and property managers. The company stays on the leading edge with the latest in products, LEED certifications, green building technology and warranties — and now the SmartDistributor fully integrated distribution management solution!

Mincron’s core solution, SmartDistributor, is a full ERP system that gives distributors the tools they need to most effectively manage, monitor and analyze all aspects of their business. Those capabilities maximize distributors’ efficiency, productivity and service — and ultimately, their profitability. Lavelle believes that Mincron’s solution will provide significant opportunities for the company.

R.L. Wurz was founded in 1933 by Ray L. Wurz, who was a pioneer in developing porcelain steel buildings and, despite the business conditions of The Depression, was able to build engineering systems while establishing a network of suppliers and customers. In the late 1950s, General Electric proposed that R.L. Wurz — their largest customer in Ohio — begin distributing its silicone sealants. That was the beginning of the company’s distribution business.

Lavelle, who had built a solid reputation in the construction supply business in Ohio, acquired the company in 2010. Since then, R.L. Wurz has opened locations in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, expanded their sales force and brought on additional product lines. Much of their growth is credited to Lavelle’s commitment to customers.

They also built a large new warehouse that was designed to improve shipping/receiving efficiency and grow their inventory to better serve customers. SmartDistributor’s warehouse management and inventory control solutions will be instrumental in furthering those initiatives.

Mincron’s highly experienced team thrives on developing new, more efficient methods for distributor to perform routine tasks. These innovations give distributors new avenues for economic growth and competitive strategies for their company’s futures.

“Service First” is the philosophy that the Mincron staff has in dealing with customers. It begins in the initial planning stages and consistently continues going forward. Customers are not just a number; each customer has a dedicated support team that knows them and their businesses.

The staff at Mincron also knows how to listen. Much of their new product development is done as the result of customer roundtables or special requests. That’s why they are proud to say that Mincron is Distributor Driven, by Design.

Cloud Computing

When implementing ERP software, one of the most important questions to answer is where you would like your system to be hosted.

So why choose cloud computing? With one report suggesting that investment in SaaS and PaaS portion of cloud hardware and infrastructure software is projected to reach $55 billion by 2026, the cloud is an option that can’t be ignored.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the delivery of hosted services over the internet, rather than in-house (your own premises). Although cloud hosting is seen by many as a recent phenomenon, its beginnings actually date back to the late 1950s.

What are the advantages of cloud computing?

Cost – Unlike on-premise solutions, there are no large up front capital costs. Instead, users typically pay by month or user and only pay for the resources that you require as a business.

Flexibility – Over time your computing capabilities need to both increase and decrease for a variety of reasons. With cloud, you can scale both up and down depending on your requirements. Ideally, you want a cloud solution that is scalable from 5 to 10,000 users.

Better application delivery and management – According to an Aberdeen Group Study, 71% of businesses that implemented cloud solutions have experienced easier application management, and 45% of them are enjoying faster application deployment. If you are a company that is likely to need to run a large number of applications at once, then cloud is the answer.

Compliance – As a business, there is a great deal of rules and regulations that you must adhere to, (like data protection for example.) When running systems yourself, the responsibility lies with you to comply, but with cloud, service providers are likely to have teams in place to manage this for you.

Concentrate on running your business – Monitoring your IT systems on-site is both time consuming and expensive when you have a business to run. A cloud service provider takes this inconvenience away from you and is on hand to offer practical and useful advice to keep your IT infrastructure working as efficiently as it can.

Whatever the size of your business, you can be sure that an investment in cloud technology is a positive step for your business.

Dancik International, part of the Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) Group of companies recently hosted the CONNECT 2016 user conference in Cary, NC. Nearly 100 delegates participated making Connect 2016 an engaging, interactive and a hugely successful event.

Alan Cross, KCS Executive Vice President North America, shared the company’s strategic vision while Dancik experts presented informative product updates. Jeff Dudzik, Senior Business Analyst/Project Manager for Virginia Tile, Michael Sanders, Director of Transportation for TranSouth Logistics and Doug Wilcox, Vice President of Supply Chain, Logistics & IT for SHNIER shared their experiences implementing and using Dancik products. Dancik experts were available throughout the conference to provide answers to specific questions.

CONNECT 2016 provided fun along with the learning opportunities. Attendees competed to reach the top of the leaderboard in the Navigator Order Challenge. Lisa Houston from Ohio Valley Flooring raced to the top of the leaderboard to win a Yeti cooler. Day 1 of the conference was complete with a mind-boggling stage performance by Joshua Lozoff, Mentalist, and Magician.

Attendees commented the best part of CONNECT 2016 was the ability to communicate, interact, and brainstorm with other Dancik users. Everyone went home looking forward to coming back next year. The 2017 conference will take on a slightly different look and feel as Alan Cross announced and new location and format. The 2017 conference will be held in New Orleans, LA and will host all KCS North America customers in a joint conference for Dancik and Mincron customers. Mincron, based in Houston, TX, was recently welcomed to the KCS group of companies.

At KCS, Dancik, and Mincron we are continually looking for opportunities to build stronger relationships with our customers. Our 2017 conference promises to be even more successful than CONNECT 2016!

Connect 2016

Dancik Connect brings together industry thought leaders for two days of interacting with customers providing more opportunities to learn, network and take back new ideas to drive continuous improvement.

Although the Internet and social media have improved communication and collaboration, there is still nothing like face to face participation and interaction. Dancik Connect is the best opportunity to meet with industry leaders, Dancik management team and staff and peers to discuss features, functionality, and best practices.

Dancik Connect will be full of highlights including updates and enhancements, strategic guidance, tips and tricks, networking opportunities and much more, all focused on helping our customers get the most from their Dancik software investment.


Meet fellow Dancik users and experts to discuss best practices for applying the tools you use each day to run your business.


Hear techniques practiced by some of the most experienced Dancik users and return to the office with ideas for improving productivity.


Again, this year we will include a vendor showcase and a lab where you can get one on one time with system experts.

Connect 2016 sessions will appeal to a variety of attendees such as IT Managers/Directors, Operations Managers/Directors, Business Analysts, Executives and others who have an active role in using or supporting your DES, Navigator or K8 implementation. Attendees last year included representatives from Customer Service, IT, Purchasing, Operations, Warehouse, Inventory and Accounting functions.

4 Ways to Improve Your Warehouse Layout Design

Having an efficient warehouse layout, (alongside a fully integrated warehouse management system) could be the difference between processing your customers’ orders quickly or not.

In this article, we are going to give you four warehouse layout design tips to ensure that you can get the most out of your warehouse space and give your customers the best service possible. Your employees will also thank you for making their jobs easier.

1. Choose the right racking to suit the size of your warehouse

The size of your building and its structure will directly impact what type of racking system you should be utilizing in your warehouse.

According to leading supplier of warehouse commodities, Workplace Products, you will need to identify:

  • The correct pallet size(s) for your operation
  • Decide what storage racking and handling system to use
  • Choose which vehicle is best for each operation
  • Work out the space needed for receipts and dispatch areas, supporting areas & facilities

Getting these questions right is key to you achieving optimum picking efficiency, cross docking and container handling.

2. Design your warehouse to be safe and make life easier for your staff

Ensuring that your warehouse is safe not only means fewer accidents and increased costs to you as a business; it also helps your operation to run more smoothly and efficiently.

In a previous blog post about warehouse safety, we discussed how by designing your warehouse to minimize the amount your staff has to bend, reach and twist can help them work better, without the risk of injury. Ensuring that your inventory does not need to be moved more than once can also help.

3. Ensure that the space in your warehouse is used effectively

With so much to fit into a warehouse, it is not only essential that you use all of the space you have but also use it in the most effective way possible.

The Whole Building Design Guide divides the different areas of a warehouse into these categories:

  • Storage Space: To store goods and materials
  • Office Space: Can include meeting rooms, reception, and mail rooms
  • Loading Docks: For shipping and receiving goods
  • Light Industrial Space: Use for the processing of materials
  • Computer Centers

Only include areas that are absolutely essential to the running of your business. Underused areas could be used for other, more productive parts of your warehouse.

4. Invest in warehouse management software

It cannot be overstated how important warehouse management software is in getting the most out of your new warehouse layout.

If you have five or more warehouse operatives or manage a significant amount of stock, a WMS can have a hugely positive influence on your business. You should choose one that:

  • Optimizes the flow through your warehouse
  • Deploys hand-held technology
  • Automates processes such as goods receipt, putaway, replenishment, stock movement, pick and stock counts
  • Manages the capacity of your warehouse and ensures accurate visibility of all inventory

All these features in conjunction with an effective warehouse layout will ensure that you get the maximum productivity from your staff.

How to update your warehouse and stock efficiently.

Despite its importance to the distributive trades, and its potential to support strategic growth, the warehouse is the part of the business that is most likely to have a legacy manual and paper-based processes. A 2014 study shows that 35% of prospective buyers of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are still using manual methods. This can be time-consuming and create inefficiencies, and it may also be risky; human error can lead to mistakes in picking, shipping, or replenishment, which can result in failed deliveries, payment disputes and, ultimately, unhappy customers.

And it is not just manual warehouse systems that need updating. The same study showed that

  • a further 17% of businesses were struggling with existing proprietary systems that were not scalable, or couldn’t be updated
  • and 17% more were using non-specialized software, that was missing the features they needed, or couldn’t be configured to meet business needs.

So it is no surprise that warehousing is changing fast. A report by Motorola predicts increasing automation and mechanization in warehousing in coming years:

  • Warehouses using manual inventory counts will drop from 41% in 2013 to just 13% in 2018
  • Use of WMS on real-time mobile devices will increase from 32% in 2013 to 65% in 2018

How to stock efficiently

Warehousing is complex, and there are many ways things can go wrong. All too often, supplies arrive with poor labeling, products are put away incorrectly, operations are disrupted by manual cycle counts, and carriers wait idly for shipments that aren’t ready. However, the focus for warehouse operations has traditionally been on efficiencies and error reduction in order picking, which overlooks the potential to make improvements throughout the process, from receiving through to shipping. As such, many current systems do not meet the challenges faced by a modern distributive business, which requires:

  • Control of inventory, end-to-end, and across multiple locations or branches. This enables you to manage stock levels and ensure delivery to customers, while also keeping control of margins.
  • Tracking of items from receiving from suppliers, through sales and order processing, picking, delivery, returns, and accounting. This will reduce manual processing, and the associated risk of error and enable you to keep customers accurately informed about their orders.
  • Management of the space of the warehouse, to ensure stock can be put away, found and picked most efficiently, and to maximize operators’ time.
  • Visibility of management information to understand where problems are arising, implement improvement initiatives and track the success of changes. This will enable you to progressively and continually improve your processes and to get more from your existing resources and your investments in warehouse technology.

Efficient stocking solutions

Forward-thinking companies now consider that the warehouse has the potential to be transformed from a cost center to a growth center. The first step in this revolution is to get your warehouse in order with an up-to-date, specialized, trading and business management system, which will ensure that you are competing with the best in the business. The technology that is driving change does not stand still. With 1 in 5 bigger companies already using RFID (radio-frequency identification) and the use of drones in inventory management just around the corner, you need to ensure that you are ready to face the future of warehousing.

If you know how to update your warehouse and stock efficiently, your business will be on a very good footing to have a profitable future.

The Ronald McDonald House of Durham offers a comforting home away from home and a community of support for seriously ill children and their families. Their programs provide families with the comforts of home – private bedrooms, inviting community spaces, home-cooked meals, and a stocked kitchen, a playroom, computer room and laundry facilities – as well as a network of support through interactions with other families, staff, and volunteers.

Dancik International employees were honored to spend Friday, June 17 supporting the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House of Durham. Teams of volunteers prepared meals, cleaned and organized the facility and entertained children with games and activities. There was not a dull moment as volunteers engaged with amazing families.

Special thanks go to the Ronald McDonald House staff for creating a wonderful environment for families and volunteers. Dancik looks forward to more opportunities to become involved in the community.

Genesee Tile is a wholesale distributor and retailer of tile, flooring material and carpet. Genesee Tile is a family owned and operated business for more than 40 years, first opening for business in 1973.

Go Live – Navigator and Selection Sheet Manager

Genesee Tile

Genesee Tile completed installation and go live on Navigator and Selection Sheet Manager. This is the 2nd of two companies in the Genesee Tile umbrella to go live with Dancik. Genesee Tile, the flagship of the two companies previously used Profit21 as their ERP. Genesee Tile operates branches in Burton, Kentwood, Farmington Hills, and Sterling Heights, Michigan.

BJ Cokley stated, “We have been looking forward to this for two years.”

By deploying Navigator and Selection Sheet Manager, Genesee Tile will increase operational efficiency while providing enhanced service to their customer base.

Omni-Channel Customer Service

No matter how you and your customers contact each other, via your website or e-commerce site, through telesales or phone calls to branch stores or head office, via your trade counter or retail store, or on email or social media, your customers want the exchange to be consistent, personal and intelligent.

Omni-Channel Commerce: What Goes Wrong?

This 2016 survey of more than 1700 consumers in the UK and mainland Europe, the US and Australia shows that 98% use more than one channel to engage with suppliers, with the average number of channels being 5.6. A third use more than seven channels. However, only 24% of these consumers had seamless experiences; the rest reported challenges in switching from one channel to another.

While the survey respondents were customers of telecoms, financial services, and insurance providers, these issues are no less real or important for suppliers in the distributive trades.

Key challenges that frustrate customers include:

  • Inconsistent information: for example, product codes on the website do not match those in the printed catalog. Telephone sales staff are not aware of an offer that was made via an email campaign.
  • Information, actions or account history do not transfer between methods; for example, telesales staff offers a discount that doesn’t appear when the order is placed later online. A customer wants to use the e-commerce site to duplicate an order that was originally made in person via the trade counter, but only the online order history shows up.
  • More than one sales person works on the same issue: for example, a customer places a complex sales order including work orders that need to be fulfilled. When the same customer calls back with another instruction, they have to repeat all the original details to a new sales person.

The research revealed the top five omnichannel customer service experiences that customers enjoy are:

  • My issue is resolved immediately (51%). Customers do not want to wait. However they have chosen to approach your company, there is something they need, and it is likely to be preventing them from getting on with their business. Resolving their issue immediately may be as simple as having the right information on your e-commerce site. This means not only ensuring that the site is up to date at all times, but also structured so that the information can be easily found.
  • The rep already knows what I need and provides me with an immediate solution (49%). While your sales staff cannot actually be clairvoyant, they can appear to be if they have access to up-to-date, detailed customer information, such as account profile and order history, responses to marketing campaigns, credit information, personalized offers and discount information and targeted upselling and cross-selling suggestions.
  • The rep knows what I already did in a self-service channel (42%). This requires you to take a customer-centric view of all activities, not a product, branch or sales centric view, and it requires customer account information to be updated in real-time.
  • My information/actions are forwarded from department to department (42%). So accounts are aware of a returned order, and don’t invoice for it; marketing are aware when the key decision maker changes role; delivery drivers know when customers have introduced a new goods received procedure.
  • My routine needs are answered proactively (40%). You proactively contact customers when you are aware of a problem before they have a chance to contact you. You remind customers about a quarterly order – and proactively check whether they want a duplicate order for their new branch. You proactively email a quotation before the customer has got off the phone.

Combining these experiences with a reliable and fully integrated ERP system, you will be able to offer your customers the best service possible.

Warehouse Management

Managing your warehouse in a cost effective and efficient way is one of the key components of a successful business.

That is why our most recent version of K8, K8 Babbage, is our most comprehensive and reliable release to date. As with our other modules, our warehouse management software can assist you in achieving effective warehouse management.

What are the key features?

  • Products can be picked on a handheld device. This means that you can react to your customers’ orders without reliance on paperwork. This is much quicker and more efficient and therefore means you give your customers the best service possible.
  • Easy to use and intuitive. The K8 software has been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to manage the stock in your warehouse.
  • Anytime anywhere access - Chrome-based browser access allows you to use tablets and a wide variety of desktops to access vital information. This allows you to look at up to the minute information wherever you are and make informed decisions based on the data. This is a tricky one because browser client does not support WMS apart from the ability to view data.
  • Links with other K8 modules – Like the rest of K8, the WMS module is fully integrated with our other modules meaning that you can keep tight control over your stock, sales, purchases, movements, and replenishments in your warehouse and different branches.
  • Improved warehouse management putaways – To save you time, the system can allocate your products automatically to your storage bins. It uses the physical attributes of your products and your storage bin to calculate this. You can also change the destination bin and number on LPN labels yourself manually if required.

What can it do for your business?

The highly advanced software can assist with your stock and returns; shipping and receiving; putaways, picking and pick-face replenishment.

It can also work cross-dock and across bulk stores and accessed on handheld devices to facilitate efficient management throughout your warehouse space.

Denver Hardwood

Denver Hardwood Company is a wholesale distributor of hardwood flooring and installation products serving the states of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming. The company’s focus is on hardwood and laminate flooring. They are partnered with a broad spectrum of best-in-class manufacturers to provide a wide selection, quality, and innovation demanded by flooring contractors, flooring retailers, architects and design professionals.

Go Live - Navigator

​Denver Hardwood Company has just completed installation and go live on Navigator. This is the 2nd of six companies in the Denver Hardwood umbrella to go live. The Denver Hardwood Company is the flagship of the six companies. North Georgia Flooring was the first company in the Denver Hardwood Company umbrella to go live. Additional companies will go live over the coming months.

By deploying Navigator, Denver Hardwood will increase operational efficiency while providing enhanced service to their customer base.

Omni-Channel Commerce

What does Omni-Channel Commerce mean?

Put simply; it means engaging with your customers, for sales, marketing, and customer services, across multiple channels, in such a way that they have a consistent experience of your organization, regardless of channel or device.

However, my customers are tradespeople or other businesses, not consumers.

Please read on. Research by Forrester shows that B2B customers’ expectations have shifted: they expect the same level of omnichannel service from their business suppliers as they get from consumer retailers.

Isn’t this just a new name for multi-channel?

Good question. There is some debate about this. However, we see the difference as being:

Multichannel: Using more than one channel to engage with customers. For example, selling online as well as having a trade counter, or having a social media presence as well as using direct marketing. A multi-channel approach is more tactical and reactive than an omnichannel approach: the channels are discreet, and there is no attempt to give customers a seamless experience.

Omnichannel: Using more than one channel to engage customers, and having an overall strategy that ensures that customers have the same experience, regardless of channel AND regardless of the device they are using to engage. Where a multichannel approach can be seen as supplier-centric, omnichannel puts the customer at the center.

For example, a customer could search your inventory and order online from their mobile device, log in later and amend the order from a PC, receive delivery tracking information via text message, and message your customer service department via Twitter to report a problem with delivery. The customer would expect their account and order information to be updated in real time and to be accessible across each of these platforms.

Sounds complicated. Why do I need this?

Three reasons.

1. Your customers want it: Two-thirds of B2B suppliers surveyed said that their customers are expecting omnichannel capabilities. The study showed that B2B buyers want the same fulfillment capabilities, inventory visibility, convenience and functionality they are used to as consumers.

2. It will increase customer loyalty and drive profit: 72% of B2B companies surveyed said omnichannel customers are worth substantially more to them, and 51% said these customers have a higher lifetime value. 83% agreed that ‘we will drive more sales and profit by becoming an omnichannel company.'

3. Your competitors are doing it: 87% of B2B suppliers surveyed agreed that ‘to serve today’s customers we have to improve our omnichannel capabilities.' 86% agreed that ‘becoming an effective omnichannel company will be critical to our long-term success.’

OK, I am in. Where do I start?

The research concludes that suppliers must leverage technology to serve savvy buyers. The companies surveyed were installing or upgrading e-Commerce systems, investing in order management and using data and analytics to understand how best to provide personalized experiences for their customers. Building an omnichannel strategy requires an integrated approach across all touchpoints in the B2B buyer journey, as well as the right platform to provide that integrated approach.

ERP Software

'Enterprise Resource Planning’ is a term that was coined in the 1960’s but the software that we know today was only developed in the 1990’s. Essentially the concept revolves around the requirement for real-time information and the streamlining of business processes, particularly as enterprises grow.

Initially, when a business has seen some expansion, it is run using disparate systems governing finance, HR, and stock control. This is ok in a small business but can very quickly become overstretched and cumbersome as the business grows.

ERP Software Revolutionizes Business Processes

The way that ERP software revolutionizes business processes can be seen throughout the various departments in any given business. With the business management system software, each of the business units - from HR through procurement, finance to delivery - is integrated, providing distribution information as part of the core business model. This ensures accurate and real-time information on stock, cost, and scheduling; all the way through to the shipping schedules in the route to market. For the majority of enterprises, this streamlines working practices on the floor as much as the information flow to management.

With separate spreadsheets and standalone applications there is a great deal of re-keying required to provide reports on capacity, stock management, and sales data, but with ERP these are all integrated into a system that talks to each business unit and the information can be pulled into reports encompassing many aspects of the business.

The uses of this kind of streamlining process are evident for those at the top of the chain. Providing real-time information makes any inefficiencies glaringly obvious and makes dealing with these issues a more efficient and timely operation. Whether it is a distribution issue or procurement, the information provided by the integrated systems will flag both underutilization and lack of capacity. It will also highlight overspend in any area of the business so that decisions to reallocate budget is more clear cut.

How much will an ERP Solution cost your business?

Historically, the cost of implementing such business software has been a barrier to growth for some businesses. This barrier has now lessened as the variety of options have grown. Modular provisions are ideal for tailoring the software to your individual business model but still provides clear automated core business operation processes.

The bottom line for your business is your customers’ satisfaction, and ERP Software will contribute to ensuring your customers continue to purchase from you. By making your processes smoother, and fulfillment of orders more streamlined, any issue with distribution will be highlighted in advance, giving you time to align expectation or relocate stock to fulfill orders. Good communication with your customers and the end user is imperative to maintaining a positive brand image in these days of social marketing.

In summary, although there is a significant outlay involved in buying into the ERP software solution for your growing business, the returns you will reap will ensure it is of significant value for the future of the business. Management and employees can make better decisions faster and streamline your efficiencies for an advantage in the marketplace.

Stock Control in Wholesale Distribution

Stock control is all about balance: having sufficient goods available that any item can be supplied without delay, without tying up too much money in stock. Sounds simple, but whether you are a wholesaler, distributor, supplier or retailer, carrying hundreds, thousands or millions of products, getting stock control right is both complex and crucial.

Why is stock control important?

Lots can go wrong.

  • Having too much stock: A 2013 report into the finances of 1,000 top US companies found that, between them, they had nearly half a trillion dollars ($459 billion) unnecessarily held in inventory, due to inferior practices. As well as tying up money in stock, having too much stock can result in you paying too much for storage, or risking goods becoming obsolete, or perishing.
  • Having too little stock: As well the risk of letting your customers down, too frequent ordering incurs additional handling costs, and ordering in smaller amounts will not get you the best prices from suppliers.
  • Poor visibility and control: Poor control leads to errors such as selling the same stock twice, duplicating orders, and failing to take supplier lead times into account.

Methods of stock control

Many depend on industry and type of stock. Some of those most relevant in wholesale distribution include:

  • Fixed order quantity or fixed time period: Ordering a fixed quantity, or at a pre-determined time is simple, but not particularly flexible or responsive to the reality of fluctuations in demand.
  • Setting stock control levels: It is more effective to create a set of detailed inventory levels such as maximum, minimum, re-ordering and danger level. This method relies on frequent stock checks to ensure it is accurate.
  • ABC method: This involves allocating items or ‘stock control units’ (SKUs) to categories A to C depending on contribution to sales, and then focusing stock control efforts accordingly. This method relies on understanding how to categorize SKUs as well as being able to react to change. For example, do some items move fast in summer months but more slowly in winter?
  • Perpetual inventory control: Continuous updating of inventory levels based on transactions. This method is superior to conducting periodic stock takes, but can’t be done manually and relies on using stock control software.
  • Cycle counting: Ongoing stock taking of a small sample of SKUs at a time, in order to cycle through the entire inventory. This is less time consuming than full stock checks, and feeds into perpetual inventory control, correcting for lost or broken stock or scanning errors.

Stock control software

Manually keeping track of all of this data can be a massive headache. This is why so many wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers use stock control software.

Automated stock control systems not only make it easier to keep track of your stock levels, but they also enable you to analyze inventory data to uncover opportunities to improve. A 2011 study found that best in class supply organizations can improve inventory levels by between 20% and 50% by employing analytical tools.

Advantages of stock control systems include:

  • Visibility for informed decisions: you have the data you need to conduct inventory analysis and implement and track improvements.
  • Centralized control over branches: you can coordinate so that each location has the stock it needs, despite differences in demand.
  • Links to other systems: integration with sales order processing and purchasing reduces paperwork, increases efficiency and improves accuracy.
  • Customer service: having the right goods in stock will enable you to offer short lead times and consistently deliver on time, in full.

With a fully integrated system, you can keep yourself updated on how much stock you have and what you might need in future.

Grady to focus on continued growth with Navigator (DNav) and building market share for K8

April 6, 2016- Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) provider of specialized software solutions, services and support focused on delivering fully integrated trading and business management solutions to distributive trades customers servicing the building materials, lumber, floor coverings, home décor, electrical and plumbing distribution, wholesale and retail markets announced today that Greg Grady has been appointed Vice President of Sales for North American operations.

Grady has spearheaded the Dancik sales efforts in North Carolina for over five years, helping the business to grow throughout that period. Since KCS acquired Dancik in July 2015, Grady has accelerated sales, both in terms of market share in flooring with the DNav solution but also building a pipeline for K8 in the general construction sector. Grady has developed an effective and highly successful sales team. Because of Grady’s efforts, KCS is already making its mark in a very competitive market. The company fully expects that sales and marketing functions in North America will need to expand as they continue to build a significant presence.

As the business grows further in North America, Grady will lead the sales function, building strategies to win significant market share for K8 in all sectors of the distributive trades and also ensure the existing market strengthens with DNav in flooring.

Grady assumes the role of VP Sales – North America with immediate effect and will report directly to Alan Cross, who assumes the role of Executive Vice President of North America.

“North America offers KCS a tremendous opportunity,” said Ian Bendelow, CEO, Kerridge Commercial Systems. “It is essential that we have the right leadership in place to make sure we maximize that potential. I am sure everyone will give Greg all the support he needs to continue to grow Dancik and build a strong presence for KCS in North America.”

Dancik International is proud to have Spartan Surfaces join our customer base.

CARY, NC – March 28, 2016 - Dancik International provider of integrated software solutions focused on servicing the building materials, lumber, floor coverings, home décor, electrical and plumbing distribution, wholesale and retail markets announced today that Spartan Surfaces have agreed to license Navigator, Sales Portal and DNav-bi (formerly RADAR).

Spartan Surfaces is a leading sales and consulting group specializing in commercial flooring alternatives. Spartan’s geography encompasses the Mid-Atlantic market from Virginia through New York as well as regions in the Midwest. The company strives to be a game changer in every area from product selection to education to customer service. Taking a human-centered approach, Spartan prides itself on great people dedicated to great products, great families, great friendships and great happiness. Every single team member helps pave the way to exceptional flooring interiors so that every project looks extraordinary.

Spartan Surfaces will be replacing their in-house business management system with Dancik’s integrated enterprise management solution (DNav). The competition was heavy on industry specific solutions and saw Dancik win out over Gartman among others.

The project commenced immediately with both Spartan and Dancik eager to move to the implementation phase. The Dancik project management team will be working closely with Spartan Surfaces in the coming months to ensure a successful go-live.

For more information on Spartan Surfaces visit:

Dancik International is proud to have Van Art Furniture join our customer base.

CARY, NC – March 21, 2016 - Dancik International, provider of integrated software solutions focused on servicing the building materials, lumber, floor coverings, home décor, electrical and plumbing distribution, wholesale and retail markets, announced today that Art Van Furniture have agreed to license Navigator, DNav-bi (formerly RADAR) and DNav-edi (formerly CMS).

Art Van Furniture, the number one furniture and mattress retailer in the Midwest, operates 47 furniture stores and 54 PureSleep Mattress Stores in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Dancik will facilitate their burgeoning flooring business which is a significant part of Art Van’s strategic path forward.

Art Van recognized Dancik’s thought leadership in the flooring retail and wholesale distribution space, and their experienced IT staff determined Dancik to be the best fit now and for the many years ahead. Dancik won out against industry specific solutions as well as generic ERP vendors looking to expand their footprint within the flooring and home décor space.

The Art Van implementation project is expected to launch in August 2016, so the Dancik team will be working closely with Art Van in the coming months to ensure a successful go-live.

For more information on Art Van Furniture visit:

Cross to focus on building the Kerridge Commercial Systems and Dancik Brand across USA and Canada

March 18, 2016 - Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) announced today that Alan Cross will take permanent responsibility for North American operations. Cross will relinquish responsibility as COO for the group and focus on helping to continue building the KCS and Dancik Brand across USA and Canada as the KCS Senior Vice President North America.

“Our acquisition of Dancik has been a tremendous success,” said Ian Bendelow, CEO, Kerridge Commercial Systems. “I believe our colleagues in North Carolina and customers there feel the same way. It has also proven to us that there is a tremendous opportunity for KCS through our Dancik operation in North America.”

Having guided KCS and Dancik through a very smooth integration program Cross is looking forward to focusing on North America to ensure that a very significant operation with K8 and Navigator (DNav) is built. Clearly, North America is a huge market, and there are huge challenges, opportunities and lots of work to be done. It’s important for a long standing Executive member of the Group to be there to spearhead the efforts. Dancik customers and prospects will appreciate with this appointment, just how serious the company is about North America.

With a strong presence in Europe, Africa, North America, and beyond this will help cement the position as a leading supplier of solutions to the distributive trades and create even better capability, opportunity, security, and future for customers and the company’s own people.

“I’m sure everyone will give Alan all the support he needs to build Kerridge Commercial Systems Group in North America.” Ian Bendelow, CEO, Kerridge Commercial Systems

4 strategic sourcing process challenges

There is growing evidence that companies that focus on improving their supply chain performance achieve much better financial and operational results than their competitors. The companies that top the list for optimizing their supply chain in a 2013 Price Waterhouse Coopers survey perform 70% better, on average, than the companies at the bottom. They:

  • Deliver ‘on time in full’ (OTIF) at 96% compared with 79% for the bottom companies
  • Average 15 inventory turns a year compared with 4
  • Make an average profit margin of 16% compared with 7%

Despite this, only 45% of companies overall said their companies view the supply chain as a strategic asset, and just 9% said the supply chain is helping them outperform their peers. So why are so many companies missing out on this opportunity? Perhaps it’s because managing the supply chain is hard.

Operating in wholesale distribution, you know that sourcing the right product at the right cost is key to achieving margins, sales, and service. Your business depends on product quality, price, differentiation, and availability. However, you also know how challenging it is to get the supply chain right.

The top four strategic sourcing process challenges

1. Accurate forecasting of demand. Critical, because overstocking ties up capital and takes up space, but understocking has the potential to lose customers. There are many ways of forecasting demand, but the most effective depends on having the right data and analytics. If you have visibility of how sales vary by season or geography, by product or category, or by branch or customer type, you can uncover trends and adjust your predictions accordingly. Lacking accurate data, many firms have to rely on educated guesses, or on replicating past orders.

2. Managing margins. Competition is fierce, and margins are tight, so it is vital to negotiating the best pricing and rebates for your business. Again, accurate forecasting is essential if you are to influence suppliers in your favor. If you cannot commit to predicted sales volumes with confidence, you may be leaving money on the table.

3. Managing suppliers. You probably have an instinct for which of your suppliers are the best – but wouldn’t it be great to know, at a glance, how each is performing? Which suppliers give you the best prices and offer the best lead times? And how are they doing against SLAs such as OTIF, or quality metrics? Additionally, if a supplier fails to deliver, where do you go next? Trusting instinct is not enough when it puts your own customer service at risk.

4. Managing the purchasing process. When you are managing the complexity of hundreds of products, multiple branches and numerous suppliers across varying geographies, anything you can do to cut down on administration will save you time and money. Whenever there is a manual process involved in linking sales orders to purchase orders, stock, and the accounting system, risk of error increases as well. This can be costly and damage customer relationships.

Effective sourcing solutions

There is currently a huge opportunity to differentiate by optimizing your supply chain – but as more and more competitors wake up to the possibilities, the advantage will dwindle. It is not easy to overcome any of these challenges, but without investing in effective business processes and technologies, it becomes even harder.

The right trading and business management solution is one that gives managers complete and accurate visibility of business operations and enables them to take control, improve performance and delight customers. And investing in delighted customers will give additional returns; when your customers optimize their supply chains too, it’s the highest performing suppliers that will make the cut.

Texas A and M

Mincron facilitated the opportunity for Col. Mark Johnson (center), Associate Professor of Practice, to bring a group of Industrial Distribution students to tour the Goodman Distribution branch in College Station, Texas. Goodman is a long-time Mincron customer, so students were able to see Mincron SmartWare solutions at work in a real-world distribution operation.

One of the biggest challenges being faced by hard goods distributors is the recruitment of new talent as more Baby Boomers retire every year.

Mincron strongly believes in supporting the future of our customers, which led us to form a partnership in 2015 with Texas A&M University and its prestigious Industrial Distribution Program. We work with Texas A&M for its courses on enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and supply chain management, which provides students hands-on experience with Mincron solutions. This not only gives graduates a competitive edge when they enter the workplace, but also ensures that distributors have access to recruiting the type of talent necessary to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

A comprehensive feature article called “Charting the Future of Distribution,” written by Mincron's Marketing Manager, provides a look inside the University’s Industrial Distribution Program, its offerings and its leaders, as well as Mincron’s involvement with the program. The feature recently ran in several major industry trade magazines. You can access the feature in its entirety as it appeared on the websites of Distribution Center News and Industrial Supply magazines.

Texas A and M


HOUSTON — At the 2016 Mincron User Group Conference, Mincron announced the upcoming launch of SmartCubes, an innovative new method to more frequently get software updates into customers’ hands. The first SmartCube was released this summer!

The SmartCubes concept is a result of Mincron’s desire to further improve the customer experience. These “byte sized” software updates will be released three to four times annually, which will simplify customers’ implementation, ease the learning curve, and lesson the interruption to their businesses. SmartCubes will regularly add value to customers’ software solutions, enhancing their operations, business practices and service levels. They will also augment the agility of Mincron’s product development team.

Features included in the first SmartCube version are:

  • A new Executive Dashboard that gives executives a real-time overview of their company’s business in an easy-to-use graphical format. It was developed based on customer input from a breakout session held during the 2015 User Group Conference. Available to SmartDistributor GUI users, the Dashboard presents Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that measure sales, inventory and financials. Customers can view this information by company, division, region or branch.
  • A wide screen format for the Stock Status function provides much easier viewing for users. It puts more information at their fingertips, and alleviates the need to frequently toggle between screens. This is available to SmartDistributor GUI users.
  • The workflow alert management system has been enhanced with a summarized view of triggered events and the ability for executives to take action by quickly reviewing and resolving the event notification. They can also filter events by selecting the specific job titles/executives to receive notifications for certain types of events.
  • The rollout of SmartCubes is just one highlight from a very busy and exciting summer at Mincron that promises new opportunities for both the company and its customers. Kerridge Commercial Systems, a UK-based distribution software provider, acquired Mincron in July and quickly but thoughtfully began the transition process.

As Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) Executive Vice President for North America Alan Cross described, it was important to everyone at KCS and Mincron that business continued as usual during the transition. “A successful integration of the business is key to ensuring that our existing customers are not distracted by the acquisition,” he remarked. “However, being part of the KCS Group — which serves more than 800 global customers and 70,000 users —will provide the Mincron team with the resources and support they need to channel growth in both products and services, including new offerings such as a cloud-based software model.”

Houston, Texas—Mincron Software Systems, a leading full-service provider of complete ERP software systems for wholesale distribution, today announced the successful implementation by Fence and Deck Connection of Mincron’s SmartDistributor® ERP System and Mincron’s FabSmart™ Complementary Application for Light Manufacturing Services. The multi-company implementation includes Fence and Deck Connection’s sister companies, Fence and Deck Direct and Monument Supply. The Fence and Deck companies are leading distribution businesses for fencing, decking, railing and fabrication in the state of Maryland.

To encourage the synergy between its companies, Fence and Deck selected SmartDistributor for its robust capabilities for multi-company processing and accounting. Fence and Deck companies are now able to easily transfer materials between companies without having to perform inter-company buying transactions. Fence and Deck is also leveraging SmartDistributor enhancements for time-saving automation for enhanced consolidated project invoicing. Taking advantage of Mincron’s robust suite of Complementary Applications, Fence and Deck also implemented Mincron’s FabSmart for Light Manufacturing Services for their railings business. FabSmart streamlines Fence and Deck’s in-house fabrication process with powerful features for tracking raw materials and reporting the accurate cost of finished goods.

“With Mincron’s ERP solutions, we’re automating our multi-company functions for transfers, invoicing and reporting to streamline our business management and operations,” said James Rubush, Co-Owner & President, Fence and Deck Connection. “These new capabilities are crucial to our plans for growth and expansion, and with the system’s integrated tracking and reporting tools, we’re able to maximize our margins while we offer great service and the best pricing to our customers.”

“We’re happy to announce the successful SmartDistributor implementation for Fence and Deck companies, and we’re excited to work closely with them in the years to come,” said Wendy Berger, President, Mincron Software Systems. “Fence and Deck is another example of how Mincron works tirelessly to ensure our customers achieve and exceed their goals—every day, all day—by putting service first and making sure they succeed from day one with our technology.”

SmartDistributor is Mincron’s core solution for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with comprehensive mission-critical tools for powerful distribution business management, monitoring, and analysis. Enabling complete, enterprise-wide control of inventory management, sales order processing, purchasing and financials, SmartDistributor offers a flexible Windows-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) with dynamic point-and-click navigation. A workbench-like design gives users an efficient one-screen view of customer details, product information, inventory status, orders, contracts and bids. This intuitive design and powerful capabilities help customers save time and reduce costs so they can focus on serving their own customers.

FabSmart is a SmartDistributor Complementary Application specifically designed for Light Manufacturing enabling make-to-order, assemble-to-order and engineer-to-order services for items such as kits or combinations that can be sold by offering in-warehouse assembly. Products can be fabricated based on regional specification sheets, grade of raw materials can be refined, and metals can be fabricated all while the system tracks the processes and costs associated with the fabricated items.

HOUSTON, Texas—Mincron Software Systems, a leading provider of complete solutions for durable goods distributors, today announced the selection of its SmartDistributor™ Solution by W.A. Bragg & Company, a leading distributor of residential and commercial plumbing, electrical and irrigation supplies, along with major appliances. With corporate offices in Augusta, Georgia, W.A. Bragg maintains six branches in Georgia and South Carolina. W.A. Bragg will use powerful SmartDistributor capabilities to enable advanced order processing and handling, and to streamline their multi-branch inventory replenishment.

“We’ve found the comprehensive ERP solution we’ve been looking for,” said Brian Bragg, President of W.A. Bragg & Company. “Mincron’s SmartDistributor gives us a common platform for our business processes, information, applications and inventory – across all departments and locations. A good example of the benefits of this new platform is our ability to tap into all our existing resources with real-time online order processing with which we can enter an order with a single transaction that will ship from any branch, or vendor.”

SmartDistributor inventory management, replenishment and purchasing utilizes Mincron’s proprietary flexible inventory replenishment methodology that allows wholesalers to:

  • Reduce “lost sales” without increasing inventory levels
  • Minimize the need for surplus inventory
  • Respond quickly to back-order and low stock situations
  • Receive pre-price increase alerts with quantity adjustment recommendations
  • Promote and allow for transferring surplus quantity
  • Increase service levels and inventory turns
  • Utilize “cross-docking”
  • Enable easy access to company-wide inventory
  • Decrease the number of “item touches”

“SmartDistributor benefits multi-branch distributors like W.A. Bragg,” said Wendy Berger, President of Mincron Software Systems. “With an accurate view of their entire business across locations, W.A. Bragg will maximize productivity and efficiency while minimizing surplus inventory and costs. We’re excited to work hand-in-hand with them to implement SmartDistributor.”

SmartDistributor is the Mincron core solution for wholesale distributor Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with comprehensive mission-critical tools for powerful business management, monitoring, and analysis. Enabling complete, enterprise-wide control of inventory management, sales order processing, purchasing and financials, SmartDistributor offers a flexible Windows-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) with dynamic point-and-click navigation.

SmartDistributor is available today. Email or call 1-800-299-7010 for details.

HOUSTON, Texas—Mincron Software Systems, a leading provider of complete solutions for durable goods distributors, today announced that Lion Plumbing Supply, Inc., a leading distributor of pipe, valves, fittings, fixtures, tools, supplies and accessories, is implementing Mincron SmartDistributor™ Solution for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and will use it to consolidate business-wide operational processes and will also implement Mincron ScanSmart™ Application to enhance their use of RF (Radio Frequency) Technology for barcode scanning. Lion’s use of Mincron solutions will powerfully reinforce business efforts to stabilize cost-effective inventory management, improve employee efficiency, and streamline order processing.

“The time is right for Lion to gain all the advantages of a partnership with Mincron and their comprehensive SmartDistributor ERP system,” said Paul Gentile, President and COO of Lion Plumbing Supply, Inc. “The complete automation of our business will allow us to further enhance the ways we serve our customers which, in turn, positively impacts the way our customers serve their customers. Mincron delivers the platform and tools we need to manage for increased efficiencies, growth and long-term success.”

SmartDistributor provides mission-critical tools for powerful business management, monitoring and analysis and control of inventory management, sales order processing, purchasing and financials. The use of SmartDistributor with ScanSmart allows wholesalers to maximize efficiency with full integration of an ERP System with RF Technology to “go paperless” with barcode scanning and accurately track, manage, and replenish inventory while reducing handling and repackaging.

“Mincron knows our business inside and out,” said Pauline Levesque, Controller/IT. “During our ERP solution evaluation process, Mincron’s “hands on” approach and expertise was clearly evident in their software and distribution business expertise. We’re very confident that Mincron will be there for us every step of the way.”

“We’re looking forward to a long and successful partnership with Lion Plumbing,” said Wendy Berger, President of Mincron Software Systems. “Lion is a company a lot like us: they’ve been around for a long time, they’re experts at what they do, they’re focused on customer service, and they treat their customers and employees like family. These important similarities will make for a strong, productive relationship.”

SmartDistributor enables complete, enterprise-wide control of inventory management, sales order processing, purchasing and financials. Its flexible Windows-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) with dynamic point-and-click navigation makes the system easy-to-use and offers a workbench-like design one screen management of all a wholesalers’ needs. SmartDistributor is available today. Email or call 1-800-299-7010 for details.

Business Intelligence

What is BI for Wholesale Distribution?

BI stands for Business Intelligence, which is an umbrella term for the tools and systems that enable a company to gather, store, access and analyze corporate data, to make better decisions and improve performance.

BI software is big business, and its growing fast, with the market for BI tools, predicted to be worth $114 billion by 2018. Hardly surprising, when research shows that investment in BI can offer a tenfold return.

Why use BI for Wholesale Distribution?

Wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers are under particular market pressures that mean that they need high-quality information and analysis in order to survive. Those pressures include:

  • Complexity of operations: Typically, distributors carry massive numbers of products, deal with diverse supply chains and serve many different customers and customer types.
  • Market change: The growth of the internet has disrupted how wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers do business. To be competitive, it is no longer enough to just offer e-commerce, firms need to operate seamlessly across all channels.
  • Escalating customer expectations: Again, the internet has changed how customers buy. B2B buyers now expect the same high levels of service, fast delivery and keen pricing that they get on the top consumer retail sites.
  • Narrow margins: Profit margins have been squeezed further in recent years. In particular, traditional bricks and mortar operators are finding it hard to compete with ‘online only’ companies, which have much lower overheads. Firms need to adjust the balance by increasing volumes, finding efficiencies or offering new services.

What is BI used for in Wholesale Distribution?

Some of the main applications include:

  • Sales analysis: Enables you to uncover trends and spot gaps and opportunities; sales analysis feeds into forecasting, sourcing, promotions, stock control, and inventory management.
  • Customer analysis: Enables you to identify trends in customer behavior, needs, and satisfaction; customer analysis feeds into strategic marketing, relationship management, retention and acquisition strategies.
  • Supplier analysis: Which are the best and worst performing suppliers across a variety of metrics such as lead times, payment times or quality? Understanding this enables you to streamline your supply chain and ensure you get the best prices and discounts.
  • Marketing analysis: Enables you to track your marketing efforts across all channels to understand which promotions were most successful and to inform marketing strategy.
  • Inventory analysis: Enables you to understand how to control your stock to reduce inefficiency and avoid out of stock situations.

Four Signs Your Business Would Benefit from BI Software:

  • Are you relying on paper based systems? Moving to automated tools would save the time taken filing and retrieving paper documents, reduce the risk of loss or damage to documents, and make it much easier to share and collate information.
  • Do you have lots of data but no information? Your data may be stored electronically, but you find it hard to know what it is telling you as the reports you need are difficult or time-consuming to run.
  • Is it hard to get consistent information? If different departments and individuals within your business have their own spreadsheets, it can be hard to collate the information or get a consistent view.
  • Do you have a sense that you could improve your business processes, or a need to improve your profitability but you are not sure where to start, or how to measure success? BI tools will help you analyze the current situation, uncover opportunities to improve and track the success of improvement initiatives.

Do you have the tools and systems in place that enable you to gather, store, access and analyze corporate data, so as to make better decisions and improve performance? Wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers need high-quality information and analysis in order to survive. How will you gather, analyze and act on the data within your company?

December 1, 2015: The Cronin Company has been a family owned business for 137 years and now supplies floor covering products throughout the Pacific Northwest region, including Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. Cronin product lines include ceramic tile, luxury vinyl tile, laminate flooring, hardwood, installation supplies, solid surfacing, and quartz.

Heidi Mandell, President of The Cronin Company, said: “We found that Dancik has a superior integrated inventory management system that will allow us to be productive and operate more efficiently. We are excited to implement the tools that Dancik provides into our daily operations.”

Greg Grady, Director of Business Development at Dancik, commented: “Dancik’s solutions are the leading software option for floor covering companies with significant industry-specific functionality requirements such as laminate cuts and real-time wireless warehouse management needs. Deep functionality is key however equally important factors are our service based architecture and dedication to the flooring industry. We are very pleased to have Cronin join our customer base, and I am confident that Dancik will support their current and future business objectives.”

The project will start immediately, and all Cronin locations plan to go live simultaneously.

Naturally Aged Flooring

Dancik International, the leader in creating advanced, enterprise-wide software solutions for the floor covering industry, today announced that Naturally Aged Floors, a hardwood flooring distributor headquartered in Simi Valley, CA, will implement.

Naturally Aged Flooring is a leading provider of hardwood to some of the most well-known retailers in the nation. By deploying Dancik, Naturally Aged Flooring will increase operational efficiency while providing enhanced service to their customer base which is spread throughout North America.

Dancik is excited about what the future holds for Naturally Aged Flooring, and we are humbled to be their chosen software provider.

Metro Surfaces

Dancik International, the leader in creating advanced, enterprise-wide software solutions for the tile and floor covering industries, today announced that Metro Surfaces, a market leader in the tile distribution space, will implement Dancik in 2015.

Metro Surfaces is headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK and has captured market share rapidly in their still young history. Metro Surfaces is known for offering premium service at competitive prices, and this model has resonated within their market footprint.

By deploying Dancik, Metro Surfaces is now positioned to manage their growth and enhance their already stellar reputation for service. Everyone at Dancik looks forward to assisting Metro Surfaces with attaining their short and long term business.

Empire Pipe & Supply

June 13, 2017 — Houston — Over the weekend, Empire Pipe & Supply completed their successful implementation and went live with an on-premise Mincron distribution management software solution. Thanks to the dedicated team at Mincron, and the effort put in by everyone at Empire Pipe & Supply, the implementation was turned around in just five months.

Several Empire employees who had previously worked for another of our customers were instrumental in the reason their company chose a Mincron solution. As Director of Operations Jonathan Lindle described, “They were already familiar with the benefits that the SmartDistributor solution provides, namely its streamlined order processing and its leading inventory management and job management capabilities.”

Empire Pipe & Supply is headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., and has a branch location near Tallahassee, Fla. Founded in 1972, the waterworks distributor has built an outstanding reputation among contractors and municipalities in the Southeastern U.S. Among their broad range of products are materials involved for underground utility work, including steel casing; water meters; ductile iron pipe; and valves and hydrants.

“If it matters to you, it matters to us.”

Mincron, a Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) company, provides business solutions designed with mission-critical tools that help distributors improve efficiency, increase sales, enhance service, reduce costs — and ultimately boost profitability. It accomplishes this by managing, monitoring and analyzing every facet of distribution operations, and providing users with immediate accessibility to real time information and data. Distributors typically report achieving ROI within just a few years.

Our outstanding product is supported by a dedicated staff who have a “Service First” philosophy. They are dedicated to ensuring the most seamless transition possible when bringing a customer’s new system online. Mincron’s very experienced team has developed an implementation checklist of best practices that customers are guided through. Our staff is there every step of the way, including conducting real-world style training for users. And throughout our partnership, each customer has a dedicated support team who knows them and their business — and whose response time can be measured in minutes or hours, not days or weeks.

Supply House Times

June 2017 — Houston, Texas — The May issue of Supply House Times featured the Premier 150, the publication’s annual ranking of distributors with the largest sales volume in the plumbing; pipe, valves & fittings; and HVAC/R markets.

Rankings are determined by the sales volume each company reports from the previous year. While individual companies’ volumes are kept confidential, Supply House Times released several overall statistics gathered from the survey:

  • More than half of the distributors among the Premier 150 reported a sales volume ranging from $50 million to $199 million

  • Plumbing distributors on the list reported $12.8 billion in total sales

  • The HVAC/R distributors realized $13 billion in sales

  • Distributors in the PVF market, which has struggled in recent years, had the highest total, with $15.1 billion in sales

  • There is bullish optimism among distributors in all three market segments, with 92% expecting sales gains in 2017

Mincron, a Kerridge Commercial Systems Company, congratulates all the deserving distributors included among the Premier 150, and we particularly applaud the achievements of our customers that were recognized:

  • #2 — HD Supply (Waterworks Division)

  • #3 — Watsco

  • #6 — Hajoca (LCR/M operations)

  • #10 — MORSCO (Fortiline operations)

  • #15 — Groupe Deschenes

  • #39 — N.B. Handy Co.

  • #46 — Plumb Supply Co.

  • #63 — Plumbing Distributors Inc.

  • #70 — Central Supply Co.

  • #85 — Blackman Supply Co.

  • #109 — Acme Refrigeration of Baton Rouge

  • #116 — Hinkle Metals & Supply Co.

  • #149 — Columbia Specialty Co.

We are incredibly proud to be your business partner!

Click here to view the complete Premier 150 report.

As the report’s introduction noted, “The companies on the list are successful for many reasons — including a willingness to adapt to industry changes being one of them.”

The introduction also shared a comment from Mincron customer Michael Taylor, President of Long Beach, Calif.-based Columbia Specialty, who described the improvement in that state’s business conditions: “The California economy is gaining momentum into 2017, which includes increasing activity in commercial and industrial construction.”

Learn more about our business management solutions!

Engineering Services Electrical (ESE) have signed an agreement to become Datawright’s newest customer. The company have chosen the K8 Field Service solution to support growth plans for their energy management, property and facilities business.

Established in August 1992, ESE works with a range of public/private sector business and domestic end users across Northern Ireland. The company provides a comprehensive range of essential facility services including, Building Services, Plumbing and Mechanical and Electrical Installation and Testing, Pest Control, Waste Management, Landscaping, and Consumables.

ESE chose K8 Field Service for its range of functionality. The key to their decision was precise control over all field service processes. ESE also required a fully integrated field service mobile app and comprehensive back office functions to streamline processes such as call logging. Their K8 system will go-live with seven full users and 25 mobile app users.

ESE have recently won a substantial 7-year service contract for two large Housing Associations in Northern Ireland. This will be a partnership contract with Bayview Contracts.

Bayview Contracts are an existing Datawright customer using K8 Field Service. ESE had previously been evaluating software options for a long period; the new housing contract win meant that they needed a solution that would fit both their current requirements and their future requirements, as they grow.

Darren Johnson, Director at ESE, said: “We have a very good working relationship with Bayview Contracts and we were impressed with the way they utilized the K8 Field Service system to manage their operations. We were confident that K8 Field Service would provide the future-proof flexibility for expansion that we were looking for.”

For more information about Engineering Services Electrical, please visit their website.

Interstate + Lakeland Lumber Corp of Greenwich, CT is delighted to be partnering with Dancik International to deliver their replacement ERP solution with the award winning software, K8.

Interstate + Lakeland Lumber Corp

CARY, NC - Dancik International, a Kerridge Commerical Systems Company, announced today that Interstate + Lakeland Lumber Corp of Greenwich, CT selected K8 as the integrated business solution to replace their current ERP.

Interstate + Lakeland Lumber Corp are a full-service building materials and custom millwork supplier that has been dedicated to servicing the finest builders and contractors throughout Westchester, NY, and Fairfield, CT since 1922. With eight locations they are the premier supplier of lumber, engineered wood, millwork, tooling, and all of your exterior and interior trim needs.

“K8 has real pedigree, heritage and leading-edge functionality coupled with a clear and comprehensive product roadmap that demonstrates a long-term commitment to our industry in North America,” stated Gary Schneidman, CFO of Interstate + Lakeland Lumber. “Dancik has great leadership, vision, culture and outstanding people which combined to form an important part of our selection process and we believe we have found a long-term partner who will support us to fulfill our business strategy and goals for the future.”

“Dancik is proud to be associated with Interstate + Lakeland Lumber Corp” commented Alan Cross, Executive Vice President North America. “Their attention to detail, deep domain knowledge and passion for the industry was evident from our first meeting, and we are excited to be working together to deliver success with K8 across their business.”

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Elta Automotive

“I know we made the right decision when we chose K8. We gained so much more functionality, and now we work faster and much more efficiently.”

Stuart Poole, Product Analyst, Elta Automotive

Stuart recommended K8 to his managing director because, as well as being a system that was fast and easy to use, he liked how Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) was a ‘one product’ company, committed to developing its core K8 solution. He was also reassured by KCS’s automotive heritage and how several large companies in the industry were already using it successfully.

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"A big part of the decision to go with K8 was how effectively it manages rebates, which at the moment we have to track manually."

Mike Davies-Key, Commercial Manager, Markovitz Builders’ and Plumbers’ Merchants

K8 software goes live at Markovitz Builders’ and Plumbers’ Merchants this summer. The company had been about to sign with another ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) provider when a fellow merchant suggested they look at K8.

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Houston, Texas — It took less than three months for A-H Distributors to implement the Mincron warehouse management solution at their new 150,000-square-foot Distribution Center in New Brunswick, N.J. Project Manager Rene Jones described the process as “very simple” and added that the staff got confident with using it during their preliminary training sessions.

The location is ideal — near major roadways that provide easy access to the DC’s five shipping bays for inbound and outbound trucks. Currently, A-H Distributors holds about 7,000 SKUs of plumbing, heating, electrical, PVF, drainage and specialty products in its inventory.

Jones, who has 20 years of experience improving warehouse operations as the founder and President of Total Logistics Solutions.

“Part of my expertise is process flow,” he noted. “The Mincron automated system will be very advantageous to A-H Distributors. Everything in that environment revolves around efficiency and accuracy, and this will help them maximize both.”

The Mincron StockSmart Warehouse Management System allows distributors to maintain a 99.9% inventory accuracy level while increasing the speed with which staff can receive, pick and ship product.

“Our solution automates warehouse workloads, minimizes disruptions and errors, and enables management to react and respond quickly to customers’ special needs,” said Mincron Director of Operations Jonathan Lindle. “It also helps distributors capitalize on their use of available space, equipment, and personnel.”

Jones agreed. “This system allowed A-H to install higher shelving, which gives them a greater capacity for inventory,” he said. “And it works hand-in-hand with their turret material handling machines, which allows staff to dramatically increase their efficiency.”

A turret might best be described as a forklift on steroids.

“In a typical warehouse environment with forklifts, drivers are always on the lookout for the aisle and shelf they need,” noted Jones. “They also have to stop, turn and raise the forklift each time they handle a product. All of that adds more time to the process.”

“A wire guidance system in the floor that is tied into the A-H warehouse management solution runs the turret at the new DC. The product is scanned as it is received, and then the system does the rest until it is in their customers’ hands. When the driver locks an order into the system, a wire literally guides the equipment to the exact location. As it gets closer, the lift starts rising, so it is in the perfect position to automatically and accurately handle the product.”

Because the DC is new, A-H Distributors has no baseline with which to measure its ROI. However, Jones is confident that the Mincron system will pay for itself quickly.

“It generates reports that calculate productivity levels for every warehouse activity,” Jones said. “Being able to analyze that data and make any necessary adjustments is an incredibly valuable tool. And the system will not let the driver pick the wrong item or amount needed. That type of accuracy saves distributors significant time and money in the warehouse.”

As Lindle described, “Mincron’s warehouse solution is designed to be extraordinarily comprehensive and yet be highly flexible. It works equally well with small branch warehouses and massive distribution centers like A-H. And it effectively drives the processes of strictly structured environments as well as it does for those that are rapidly changing and unpredictable.”

HOUSTON, Texas — TWC Distributors has signed an agreement to become Mincron’s newest customer. They have chosen our SmartDistributor ERP solution, and plan to be “live” in 2017. TWC is based in Sarasota, Fla., and last year moved into a new headquarters designed by President Tim Milligan. The company operates 10 locations across Florida and Georgia.

Founded in 1989 as an agricultural irrigation distributor, TWC soon expanded to take advantage of the rapidly growing landscape irrigation and supplies market. Since then, they have continued to expand their product lines to meet their customers’ changing needs. Their offering now ranges from pumps and filters to septic systems, pond supplies, outdoor lighting and holiday decorative lighting.

According to TWC Technology Manager Tim Millligan Jr., TWC likes the strength of the IBM Power System. He added that they are looking forward “to gaining efficiency, more accurate inventory tracking, and improving their bottom line.”

Milligan, who served as the Project Leader for the search of a new ERP system, stated: “The decision was unanimous among the entire team to select Mincron.” He is excited to get started with the implementation, and went on to note several other reasons for choosing the Mincron solution:

  • Smart Distributor is very user-friendly, which was a big factor.

  • Everything that the software has to offer fits their needs as a distributor.

  • Their employees will become more productive, and be able to perform their jobs even better.

  • The 30-year reputation that Mincron has built.

"We are looking forward to doing a lot with Mincron,” Milligan shared. “We plan to implement a cycle-counting system, go as paperless as we can, and implement a bar-code system. We are also excited to increase our profit margins because we will be able to easily see where we are currently weak on our price plans.”

He added, “I have to say that Mincron has been very easy to work with and have been very professional in everything that has transpired thus far. I’m excited to get started with the implementation!"

Blackman Plumbing Supply Inc.

HOUSTON — Blackman Plumbing Supply Inc., a Mincron customer since 1988, recently upgraded and went live on version 12.1 of their core ERP system along with version 2.0 of their StockSmart automated warehouse management system. Blackman is planning to implement several more of our business solutions in the near future.

Headquartered in Bayport, N.Y., where they operate a 250,000-square-foot Distribution Center, Blackman Plumbing Supply has 22 fully stocked branches and showrooms in New York and New Jersey that serve the greater NYC metropolitan area. The company distributes plumbing, industrial, waterworks, tools, HVAC and outdoor living products and supplies. In 2016, Blackman entered the Florida market with a 9,000-square-foot showroom in West Palm Beach that features plumbing, tile, lighting, and stone.

Blackman’s history dates back to 1921 when Sam Blackman opened a small plumbing supply company in Brooklyn. Among the company’s key historical highlights:

  • Opened their first branch in 1940 in Flushing, N.Y.

  • Entered the HVAC market in 1995.

  • Named Robert Mannheimer the President, CEO and Chairman in 2012 following the death of Richard Blackman, son of the founder.

  • Signed a historic contract in 2014 making Blackman one of the only stocking distributors of the three major plumbing lines — Kohler, American Standard, and Toto.

To learn more about Blackman, visit

Mincron’s comprehensive ERP solutions give distributors the strategic tools and competitive edge they need to drive growth and improve margins. This functionality maximizes efficiency, reduces costs, increases sales, enhances service — and, ultimately, achieves greater profitability.

The StockSmart warehouse management system facilitates accurate and swift order picking and shipping while maintaining 99.9% inventory accuracy. It is designed to work equally well with small branch warehouses as well as massive distribution centers. The system automates warehouse workloads, minimizes disruptions, and enables managers to react and respond quickly to meet customers’ special needs. It also guides distributors to make the best use of available space, equipment, and personnel.

CARY, NC – Dancik, a Kerridge Commercial Systems Company, provider of integrated software solutions focused on servicing the building materials, lumber, floor coverings, electrical and plumbing distribution, wholesale and retail markets, announced today that HWF Wholesale selected Dancik Navigator (DNav) to support their considerable distribution business.

HWF is the wholesale division of Higgins Wood Floors, a company that has been in business for over 40 years. HWF Wholesale pride themselves on being a fantastic resource for flooring stores, lumberyards, and professional installers and finishers. HWF have two locations, one in Easton, MA and the other in Rochester, NH. They have over 250,000 SF of unfinished and prefinished wood flooring in stock, offer custom manufactured stair treads & millwork, two fully stocked pro shops, and inside & outside sales staff.

HWF’s current ERP is too narrowly focused on installation, but their considerable distribution requires a more robust system. They decided on DNav for a variety of reasons but specifically to support their substantial distribution business.

DNav is a fully integrated business management solution designed specifically for floor covering retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. Sales processing, mobile data access, inventory management, business intelligence, and accounting are easy to use and fully integrated. DNav’s modern architecture and comprehensive industry-specific functionality make it the ERP for flooring companies.

“DNav is the ERP solution for flooring distributors,” commented Alan Cross, Executive Vice President for KCS North America. “DNav is the result of more than 25 years of industry specific research and development making it the best solution to manage HWF’s distribution business.”

March 2017 — HOUSTON, Texas — Industrial Supply magazine selected Mincron to be one of the companies interviewed for a Software Update feature. The article begins on page 24 of the March/April issue, and a section with comments from Mincron’s Director of Operations Jonathan Lindle is on pages 27-28. Lindle shares some great information about Mincron’s robust Vendor Rebates module; our new browser-based dashboard application that allows users greater flexibility; as well as our comprehensive e-commerce solution, WebSmart B2B, and B2C.

Mincron also has a new advertisement (shown here) that appears on page 29 of that issue.

To view the March/April Digital Edition of Industrial Supply, please click here.

In related news, we will be attending the Industrial Supply Association Annual Convention April 22-24 in Denver. Mincron will have a booth in the convention hall on Monday, April 24 during “Supplier Day,” during which we will also be taking part in the Network Now meetings. We look forward to meeting many distributors in their booths as we walk the convention floor on Sunday, April 23, for “Distributor Day,” as well as during other networking opportunities.

Dancik International, provider of integrated software solutions, focused on servicing the building materials, lumber, floor coverings, home décor, electrical and plumbing distribution, wholesale and retail markets, announced today that Milwaukee Builders Supply, Inc. has successfully launched K8 to support their rapid growth wholesale building materials distribution business.

Milwaukee Builders Supply is a leading wholesale building materials distributor in southeastern Wisconsin. Success and growth have brought about a need for an integrated solution to support streamlined processes and further expansion. Milwaukee Builders Supply has gone live on K8 approximately one year from being introduced to Dancik and K8 during the North American product launch.

The biggest concern for Milwaukee Builders Supply was that day to day sales not be negatively impacted by the go live process. The K8 team worked closely with the Milwaukee Builders Supply team to ensure there were no interruptions during the transition. “My team is quickly learning with the support of the K8 team,” commented John Lambie, President, Milwaukee Builders Supply. “I have no doubt that within a short time we will be fully functional on our own.”

Milwaukee Builders Supply entered into a partnership with Dancik with the same goal in mind and are pleased to be achieving it. “A week after go live we are already able to see how K8 will help our company run more efficiently and have a clear picture of all inventory movement,” said John Lambie.

Alan Cross, Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) Executive Vice President of North America, said, “We are delighted to partner with MBS and support their business management needs. MBS evaluated K8 against many competitors and was confident K8 was the right software for their growing business.”

K8, a fully-integrated software gives your business the ability to maximize control of your inventory and operations and to better serve your customers. The application is ideal for distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers, and large retailers who need quick order entry procedures, tight control over inventory, visibility of operations, and accurate financial tracking.

We take great pleasure in inviting you to Fusion17, the combined user conference for all Dancik International and Mincron Software Systems customers. Dancik and Mincron are part of the Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) Group of companies. It is an exciting time for us as we continue to grow and look for opportunities to build stronger relationships with our customers.

Fusion17 will bring together experts from around the world ensuring a varied program full of learning, networking opportunities, and fun. The agenda will include guest speakers, and breakout sessions focused on all areas of your software to make sure you are getting the most from your investment.

Fusion17 will be held at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, October 15-18, 2017. Fusion17 is expected to be an engaging and interactive user experience. Experts from Dancik and Mincron will be available throughout the conference to share knowledge and answer questions. There will be lots of fun and networking opportunities as well!

Fusion17 promises to be a great event for all Dancik and Mincron users! Save the date October 15-18, 2017 for Fusion17.

Registration information for Fusion17 and the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel will be available soon.

Dancik International is pleased to announce that Main Street Art (MSA) selected Dancik Navigator (DNav) as the ideal ERP to help facilitate their lofty growth plans.

Headquartered in Alpine, Utah, MSA is a wholesale distributor of high-quality tile. The family-owned business has been operating for 30+ years. They are known as a source for the finest tile available in North America. MSA chose a SaaS deployment for their organization which will serve a current customer count of ten and projected to grow to 20 by early 2018.

The Dancik project management team will be working closely with MSA in the coming months as they work toward a 2017 go live.

Midwest Refrigeration

Members of the Midwest team in Traverse City include (from left) Jimmy Mowry, Ron McPherson, Jay Hallan, John Semeyn Jr. and John Semeyn Sr.

HOUSTON, Texas — Midwest Refrigeration Supply Company, one of Mincron’s newest customers, has successfully gone live on SmartDistributor 12.1.

The family owned HVAC/R wholesaler, founded in 1945, also provides in-house engineering services and rental tools. In addition to headquarters in Traverse City, Mich., the company has two locations in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

John Semeyn Jr., the fourth generation of his family at Midwest Refrigeration, believes the SmartDistributor ERP system will be instrumental in achieving their long-term strategic goals of growth, streamlining inventory and improving productivity, and opening new locations in Northern Michigan.

He was extremely pleased with how Mincron managed the implementation process and the hands-on support provided by the Mincron team. Semeyn added that the transition was the ideal opportunity for the company to make improvements to their data organization and item master list, and create a product labeling and description system that simplifies product searches.

“When I was interviewing software providers, it meant a lot to me that the Mincron sales guys had come from careers in distribution and were recommending a system they had first-hand experience using,” Semeyn said. “They know the needs of a business like ours, and how important it is to have a seamless transition when implementing a new system.

“I cannot emphasize enough the high level of support we received from everyone at Mincron. They followed through and delivered on the promises they made during the sales process. Whenever we called, a person answered the phone. Every time we had questions, our account manager was right there for us. Moreover, when we had some turnover in our accounting staff, Mincron even sent one of their trainers to help with our back office and ensure they were comfortable using the system.”

Semeyn also praised the staff at Midwest Refrigeration for their loyalty and efforts during the implementation.

“My biggest fear at the start was having them turn on me and not get on board with learning the new system,” he said. “But they really stepped up to the plate. We included them from the beginning in our meetings with Mincron to map out the implementation. Moreover, we spent time doing personal training at each location to increase their comfort level. SmartDistributor is so intuitive and easy to navigate that our staff was able to grasp it quickly and see the value and benefits it would provide us. I am so proud of all of them, and of my Dad — who has really embraced it, even though it took me several years to convince him we needed a new software solution.”

Semeyn said the time, effort and resources involved in the decision-making and implementation process have been well worth it.

“We could see operational improvements after just a few days,” he noted. “And within two weeks, I felt like everyone was already proficient in using the system.

“For wholesalers interested in exploring a new software option, I would advise them to do their homework and research. Check out the people you are going to be partnering with and be confident that they are going to follow through on their promises throughout implementation and into the future. The Mincron team was amazing to work with and totally put me at ease. Their on-site support was critical to our success. We couldn’t be more pleased with the process and early results. SmartDistributor was the tool we were missing to help us build our business to the next level.”

Dancik International is pleased to announce that Exquisite Rugs selected Dancik Navigator (DNav) as the best ERP to address their consignment and inventory needs.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Exquisite Rugs is a wholesale manufacturer/distributor of high-quality Persian rugs. The family owned business opened 80 years ago and spans three generations. They are known for offering some of the world’s finest fabrics and highest quality rugs. With strategically located consigned inventory Exquisite Rugs service all of North America including a few of Dancik’s existing customers such as Stark Carpet. Exquisite Rugs have a strong focus toward online retailers such as Amazon,, and One Kings Lane.

Making the switch from a software system designed specifically for the rug industry, Exquisite Rugs decided to convert to D-Nav because they required a system better suited to address their consignment and inventory needs while offering flexible web services. Exquisite Rugs will be a SaaS customer with ten concurrent users.

The Dancik project management team will be working closely with Exquisite Rugs in the coming months to ensure a successful go-live.

Empire Pipe and Supply

HOUSTON, TEXAS — Empire Pipe & Supply has chosen to partner with Mincron Software Systems, a leader in providing complete ERP software solutions specifically targeted for durable goods wholesale distributors. Empire, a waterworks distributor, based in Birmingham, Ala., with a second location in Tallahassee, Fla., will now run its operations on Mincron’s SmartDistributor core distribution management solution.

Mincron extends a warm welcome to all at Empire as they join the Mincron family of customers.

Blended learning

When you invest in new software, you know that your staff will need training to get the best from the system. Most suppliers offer expert trainers who will train your employees at your business premises. Face-to-face training is valuable: your staff is fully engaged in the training, they can question the trainer and get one-to-one support with any difficulties. However, it can be hard to organize, especially if you have more than one site. As well as getting the relevant staff together, you have to find an appropriate training room and arrange other staff to cover for them, which can be disruptive. Given this, it is not surprising that many companies are using an approach called ‘blended learning’ which supplements face-to-face learning with e-learning.

To find out more, read the full blog post.


FUSION19 Customer Conference Video

Customer Conference 2019 Video

FUSION19 was full of networking, learning opportunities and fun with our North America customers.