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2J Supply Company chose K8 as their ERP system for HVAC distributors

2J Supply Company

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) announced today that 2J Supply Company selected K8 as the replacement ERP system for their HVAC distribution business.

2J Supply is a family-owned and operated HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) distributor supplying heating and air conditioning products since 1962. They have ten locations throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Virginia with headquarters in Dayton, Ohio. 2J Supply’s mission is to supply an easy and efficient experience for their contractors by providing a full arsenal of equipment, training, and services needed to give homeowners the comfort they need. Their goal is to help HVAC contractor’s increase sales and profitability, and they are committed to outstanding customer service.

2J Supply approached the ERP evaluation process with caution since they have been running their distribution business on the same system for many years. They formed a team of key associates from all areas of their business and completed a comprehensive search involving many demonstrations and in-depth evaluation. Not only did they find K8 to be a superior software but they will benefit from real-time key business metrics, workflows will improve, and they believe K8 will lead to improvements in all aspects of their business. They also found K8 to be extremely user-friendly and intuitive making the implementation process easier for their employees.

“The KCS team really listened to our needs,” commented Jason Trimbach, CEO.  “Their insights and dedication to our business were clear from the beginning. Plus, K8 is a better product, so it was easy to enter into this relationship with KCS.”

“Our team worked closely with 2J Supply to demonstrate that K8 was the right choice for them,” commented Alan Cross, Executive Vice President North America.  “They had a clear vision for the future of their business and how they wanted to take advantage of the flexibility and functionality of the software.  KCS is proud to be working with 2J Supply and look forward to a long, productive partnership together.”

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