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Go Live Announcement - Denver Hardwood

Denver Hardwood

Denver Hardwood Company is a wholesale distributor of hardwood flooring and installation products serving the states of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming. The company’s focus is on hardwood and laminate flooring. They are partnered with a broad spectrum of best-in-class manufacturers to provide a wide selection, quality, and innovation demanded by flooring contractors, flooring retailers, architects and design professionals.

Go Live - Navigator

​Denver Hardwood Company has just completed installation and go live on Navigator. This is the 2nd of six companies in the Denver Hardwood umbrella to go live. The Denver Hardwood Company is the flagship of the six companies. North Georgia Flooring was the first company in the Denver Hardwood Company umbrella to go live. Additional companies will go live over the coming months.

By deploying Navigator, Denver Hardwood will increase operational efficiency while providing enhanced service to their customer base.


FUSION18 Customer Conference Video

Customer Conference 2018 Video

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