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Mincron SmartCubes deliver updates faster


HOUSTON — At the 2016 Mincron User Group Conference, Mincron announced the upcoming launch of SmartCubes, an innovative new method to more frequently get software updates into customers’ hands. The first SmartCube was released this summer!

The SmartCubes concept is a result of Mincron’s desire to further improve the customer experience. These “byte sized” software updates will be released three to four times annually, which will simplify customers’ implementation, ease the learning curve, and lesson the interruption to their businesses. SmartCubes will regularly add value to customers’ software solutions, enhancing their operations, business practices and service levels. They will also augment the agility of Mincron’s product development team.

Features included in the first SmartCube version are:

  • A new Executive Dashboard that gives executives a real-time overview of their company’s business in an easy-to-use graphical format. It was developed based on customer input from a breakout session held during the 2015 User Group Conference. Available to SmartDistributor GUI users, the Dashboard presents Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that measure sales, inventory and financials. Customers can view this information by company, division, region or branch.
  • A wide screen format for the Stock Status function provides much easier viewing for users. It puts more information at their fingertips, and alleviates the need to frequently toggle between screens. This is available to SmartDistributor GUI users.
  • The workflow alert management system has been enhanced with a summarized view of triggered events and the ability for executives to take action by quickly reviewing and resolving the event notification. They can also filter events by selecting the specific job titles/executives to receive notifications for certain types of events.
  • The rollout of SmartCubes is just one highlight from a very busy and exciting summer at Mincron that promises new opportunities for both the company and its customers. Kerridge Commercial Systems, a UK-based distribution software provider, acquired Mincron in July and quickly but thoughtfully began the transition process.

As Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) Executive Vice President for North America Alan Cross described, it was important to everyone at KCS and Mincron that business continued as usual during the transition. “A successful integration of the business is key to ensuring that our existing customers are not distracted by the acquisition,” he remarked. “However, being part of the KCS Group — which serves more than 800 global customers and 70,000 users —will provide the Mincron team with the resources and support they need to channel growth in both products and services, including new offerings such as a cloud-based software model.”


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