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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement- March 18, 2020

Dear Customer, 

By now most of us are aware of the potential and actual impact COVID-19 Virus has had world-wide. Whilst these events are unpredictable, I just wanted to update you on the measures we have taken to protect your support service in light of the Virus. 

As you would expect we have taken a number of steps to ensure continuity of service 

  • We have invested in additional equipment for our staff to support extensive home working. All Support Staff are equipped with laptops and home working arrangements. 
  • Additional connectivity and bandwidth have been added to our networks to manage an anticipated increase in network traffic. 
  • Our offices remain open for any staff that need to get to the office, for example to perform backups of systems, maintenance of systems and to continue to supply our customers with hardware. 
  • We have implemented new collaboration and conference tools to enable our people to collaborate with each other at distance. 
  • Many personnel also have mobile phones and we have a pool of additional phones we can deploy as needed. 
  • We have conducted testing with over two thirds of our team working from home earlier this week, that went very well - our systems proved highly resilient. 
  • We have seen no increase in support incident backlog over the last week during this testing. 

Across our many teams across the globe we will be following local government guidance in terms of home working. 

In order to help us service you as quickly and efficiently as possible, when we have team members working from home we would especially at this time ask that:-

  • 1.  Please provide detailed information when logging any new incident so as to minimize the number of times we need to contact you back for extra information. For some solutions use the templates on our portal. 
  • 2.  For our solutions that have a Knowledge base (K8, One Office, EDP family) please look to see if you can self-serve a solution to your problem or use some of the handy guides on the portal. 
  • 3.  When logging a new incident please give very careful consideration to selecting the right priority. We will naturally work incidents in terms of their priority and we ask all customers to be fair and honest. 
  • 4.  Where possible (and we provide a portal to log incidents) we would ask that you use that facility in place of phoning in. 

The above will all help us in our goal to make sure we provide you with the best support. 

Finally please do let us know of anything that we can do to help your business further at this difficult time. 

Chris Owen 

Chris Owen | Chief Support Officer


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